…Yes it’s true! Online degrees are popping up like those fuzzy white things that bloom in the spring. 

NOW, more than ever, people are finding ways to improve their online experience

I love this! Now, I’m not a big fan of online degrees completely. If you HAD to do it and it is your only option to getting a degree, then I’m all for it. And for that, if you are currently in an online program, take advantage of this article in Inside Higher Education. No matter what type of degree you get, or got…at least you have a degree.

What’s truly important in anyone’s educational experience is the experience you gain upon achieving your degree, whether online or not. “These extracurricular organizations offer online students what many feel they are missing: the social and professional opportunities that historically have been part of the college experience,” explained Steve Kolowich, Inside Higher Education, Student Clubs, Virtually. This is such a great description as to WHY it is essential. No matter the type of degree, experience is key.

You know, when I attended Eastern Illinois University, my lasting memories and moments I’ll take to my grave all occurred through my hefty student activities involvement. Man the memories are endless, but the educational learning, and the things I took with me in everything I do, are from the involvement classroom work and knowledge is important. Especially for many specific degrees that you have to learn classroom-based learning skills.

Online educatio

n is big now. Check out this article that illustrates the effects it has on students that attain online degrees.

clubs / 10 – Inside Higher Ed.  

I also did some basic research for those of you looking for an alternative to education, and going to an actual school. This website @ gives you such a  great way to explore ALL kinds of online programs out there from large to small, with all sorts of degrees offered.

Check this out and comment on what you have found. I’m looking for more of this kind of stuff, and usually post right away. Follow my tweets!

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