So may come to me with a simple problem to this filing for financial aid. The simple problem? Typing FAFSA.COM (no (.com))…instead of FAFSA.GOV

It’s bad enough to have to review your financial stability in an effort to try to pay for some college. But then for websites and companies to take advantage of people like you in a sort-of vulnerable state…that just sucks. Well, unfortunately there are sites out there like that. Many of them are scam sites and purposely rip you off. They take advantage of financial needs that you might have and are willing to make anyone its victim. Just be on the look out. I can’t tell you how to avoid them, but luckily there are less and less illegal scam site out there. Your best bet is to ask the college with which you are attending.

Don’t give your personal information up to just anyone…

When starting college, or if you are already in college, most institutions have financial aid assistant that will assist you and guide you through the financing process for college. Don’t worry, you will have proper assistance from the school you plan to attend. They won’t do it for you, but they will guide you.

However, when it comes to federal financial aid, many have told me they access the site to apply for financial aid on their own. While it’s okay to apply for financial aid on your own, it is NOT that you do it on. FAFSA.GOV is actually the official site sponsored by the government. While this other site does not seem too harmful, I didn’t go any further because I just don’t trust anyone with my personal information like that. So just be careful as you start to gather all your personal information together and begin the filing process.

In fact, check out these latest posts from me regarding financial aid and really the best resources that you need. I can’t guarantee any money give to you, but the more prepared and the earlier you are with filing financial aid, the better you are. Don’t forget: FAFSA. GOV

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding any websites that may seem fraudulent, or if you have financial aid questions, please contact me @

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