For those of you preparing to attend college in the fall, this is still useful.

For those of you knowing what it is that you want to do career-wise, this is still very useful.

For most of us choosing a career is a lifetime commitment in many ways. Think about those people you know that hate their jobs, or feel miserable getting up every morning to have to go to work. But they go anyway? Why? Many of these individuals have to be cause they’re stuck! Family, mortgage, car payments, and everything else of the everyday purchases and commitments that hold many back from starting over and being in the career that fits them. Sure college invites every one of any age to attend, but when you have so much committed and really no time to attend classes, it can be daunting feeling.

*Don’t be like this. If your reading this and young enough to still be in high school, now is your time.

*If you’re an adult, a young adult just starting and needing some direction, start here.

*If you are an adult and have been in a career, or working, or looking for a new start, start here

I know what some of my skills are in life and how I can apply them to certain jobs and projects, but it took my several years to figure this out. No matter how old you are. No matter where you are in life, you must first dig within yourself and pull that inner-belief out of you. Think about what interests you and what you are already good at.

Now, this post will simply provide you with some websites to personality and career interest surveys/inventories. I did some searching of these, but to be honest I did not take any of these actual tests. I have done these in the past and it has helped me to understand myself and what I should consider with regard to careers and future jobs. It helped me to start my journey and lead me down that particular direction with regard to careers.

I want to do that here for you. Check out the list below and click on any of these with which you feel most comfortable. The first group is of personality assessment surveys/inventory. These help you to develop your journey to understand the type of person you are. Personality is a huge factor to the type of work you do. If your quiet and maybe introverted, do something that doesn’t require you to be around people. If your personable and outgoing, do something that allows you this. Compassionate? Caring? Loving? Be in a career that allows you to be this way.

Why not?

We have about 45-50 years to work before even thinking about retiring. Wouldn’t you want to like what you do if that is the case?

Of course you want to like it! That’s how to become professionally and financially successful.

But I digress, enough of me babbling on.

The first group shows you personality assessment websites that you can access to take a personality assessment of yourself. Many of these are very tedious and somewhat long, but I am telling you, they really capture the essence of you and help you to understand you, and how you can fit into certain careers, jobs and abilities.

1. This personality test is from Meyers-Briggs. I like to keep to well-known and well-used websites on stuff like this because personality assessment is a serious thing and should be taken seriously. But, it helps YOU to understand YOU. To help you find your personality, behavior, attitude…however you role in life…and to match it with different types of jobs and careers.

2. This assessment inventory of your personality is pretty general and nothing too fancy. Basic is good. You will have to create a username and password, but it is pretty easy. This inventory survey is from Type Focus and will guide you down that path.

This second group now helps you to be more specific relative to your interests of jobs, job duties, environments and situations of jobs, etc. This helps you along your journey to actually choosing potential jobs and careers that really fit you and your personality.

1. This Careers Interest Survey is from Edonline. This is separated into 5 different categories from Practical, Creative, Outgoing, Intellectual, Adaptive, and Persuasive. Within each of these categories, your basically verifying certain traits you hold within these areas. Completely focus on yourself and clear your mind of any and all distractions.

2. has a pretty interesting career interest quiz that you take. Then it helps you through a couple more steps to verify that your interest really matches your career choice, and gives you the most accurate information. Many of these sites require a username and password. I would keep the same for each of them. Once your done taking the test, you can always unsubscribe from the site,, or just keep it for future use!

I think these two are the most comprehensive when it comes to figuring out your career options, and exploring them. This will at least take you further down your journey.

The next step…

Is to now actually research these potential careers and/or jobs. The best place to go is The Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is the hardest part I think. Really doing some research and figuring out what exactly you could do. You will or should gather several job/career choices that interest you. Make a list and then eliminate from there.

Literally making a list on paper….the old fashioned way sort of. If you sit and make a list, writing them down. By focusing on every thought as you write your career choices and ideas, you tend to draw a much clearer perspective and full understanding of why you are adding this to your list. It helps you. You feel motivated and excited about the possibility of this actually happening!

Just do it.

Don’t wait anymore.

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Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

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