Yes, I get that it’s easier to put on, much more comfortable and fits with your body chemistry…? Okay enough being gross here.

Let’s connect this old pair of underwear to your job…

Do you feel that its just easier to keep doing what you are doing? Maybe your office or desk or work area is just the way you like it, and to make a change would add dis-comfort? Maybe you are just used to things the way they are, distance to and from work, your schedule, the people you know there. To change jobs would mean to have to change all that and what a waste, right?


Excuse after excuse and you are still in the same job you were in, not feeling motivated, worthy, or financially better off? Then it is time to make the change. And what better time than now? There are even more opportunities these days due to the excessive nature of having to survive through this pandemic. Companies are becoming more and more creative with their workforce. They realize that we still need to work. So, they are making as many adjustments as possible to still stay profitable and pay all their employees!

Every job change I made, whether I wanted to or not (as I look back) was the best decision I made. Sure I didn’t build up that retirement portfolio, or pension staying with a company for 30+ years, but I developed a more well-rounded ability to gain more experience, expertise and money. I gathered more talents and skills through the various jobs I had, that I was able to market myself much more confidently and successfully overall in any job interview.

If you are here now. Do you wake up some mornings (or every) and just dread going in? If you feel this way, or feel that work just is not cutting it, feeling that burnout edge, then I highly recommend you make a change.

Yes, it is kind of scary. Yes, you may have a lot of responsibilities right now and to make a change sounds ridiculous! But if not now, when? Change breeds strength. And this change process is so easy. A Better Version Career Counseling provides a very simple and affordable way to hone in on your all your interests and how they connect and relate to your personality and abilities. It is truly an amazing experience for you because you really get to understand yourself and where you stand in the world of work. I can interpret them for you and provide you with an outstanding list of career/job options that we can explore. Honestly, this is the right track for you to follow. Your journey is easier than you think!

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A website called TheBalanceCareers provides some pretty great advice on 6 reasons why you should change careers. A reputable site that helps to connect you with so many others who may be feeling the same way about this topic…

Life Changes……When you first started out, things were different in your life compared to now, possibly. More responsibilities, family, financial responsibilities. But your own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs change as you get older. If you aren’t happy…make a change.

Maybe what you started in, is no longer that much in demand…or the outlook is just not there… When you choose an occupation, one of the factors you should consider is its job outlook. BLS.GOV (Bureau of Labor Statistics) is an excellent site to provide you with the outlook for any career/job out there. See where you stand. If you don’t like what you find…make a change.

Maybe you’re just burning out…: Been there, done that! Who doesn’t get sick of something, or at the least burnt out. If that is the case, maybe a change is truly what you need. Do you just feel that you daily routine is just that? A daily routine…make a change.

If you stress about or in your job… Your physical and mental well-being is important. If you don’t understand, you will see this at some point in your life. Don’t put your career or job in front of your health. Period. If you do…make a change.

Your job just isn’t exciting anymore… Maybe there is just nowhere to go in your job. No levels or journeys for you to work towards, or that you just don’t have the skills needed to move anywhere else than where you are now. If your day is just a day in and day out routine with no level of excitement or challenge…make a change.

Money does matter… Yes, perhaps you have built enough expertise and experience that you can actually get paid more for your talents. Money is important, and fortunately, many companies pay based on the experience you can offer them. But if you haven’t even looked into what you are worth…make a change.

It really is easy to do. You are not alone. I am here to help, at a very affordable price. Check out what I offer on my site.

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke, A Better Version Career Counseling