CAREERS-making the right choice

There are three (3) things that you should focus on when choosing a career for the first time, or for those of you that want to make a change. The idea here is that for you to be successful in choosing the kinds of jobs and careers that really fit you, and that assures you of success, you really have to understand yourself. It’s a self-examination of sorts, not in a deep spiritual way or anything, but a way that you are much more comfortable with being honest with yourself more than you ever have been. This is a tough thing to do, and I know many of you can do this. Once you can then these three steps will go much easier for you.

But the end result will be that you will be able to realize certain careers and jobs that you can do and make great money and be very successful. It’s really that simple…but the tough part is really being open and honest with yourself…

Many people just don’t like to talk about themselves, or find it difficult to really dig deep inside to understand who you truly are. That is an important ability because in this 3 step process, you have to be able to understand and feel comfortable enough with yourself to conduct this self-examination.

Before you begin…

In order to be successful in . Establish those values in your life first. What is it that you live every day of your life by?  what do you believe in? What, no matter how things go, you will always stand by your values. What are they? Once you know what you fight for, believe in and am passionate about with regard to life values, then you can develop a much better understanding of yourself, thus building much more confidence.Personal things that, no matter what you will never change from that. Establish what is really important to you and those values will help to guide you through the next three:

  • Interests – What You Like/Dislike
  • Personality – What Makes You Unique
  • Knowledge, Skills And Abilities – What You are Good At

Interests – What You Like/Dislike  What do you like in life in general that you can get paid for. Think about everything and do not tie them to careers or jobs that are on your mind. Completely void yourself of that and think about everything you enjoy.

Knowledge, Skills And Abilities – What You’re Good At  Every one of us has something we are good at. It is our job to find them. The skills and talents you have continue to nourish and grow. It’s not like your good at everything. But what kinds of things do you do good? Do you like certain courses, and why? Do you talk a lot of take things apart? Do people come to you for something, or are you complimented on certain things or abilities more often?  This can aid you in figuring out some of the skills and talents that you attain. I say some because we live our lives every day learning something new, and discovering (through hardship or good times) that we have other skills and talents that we can benefit from.

Personality- what makes you unique?   Many people don’t actually think about this as part of their career choice. If you’re fun-loving and talkative, go for it, and do that in your career! If your quiet, introverted, task-oriented, go for it and do that for your career! Use your personality to match your career! If you’re the type of person that likes doing one thing at a time, well there are jobs for that! Check out to really investigate this. Don’t worry it’s not hard work. There are four categories of personalities and as you review the personality traits that make up each color, you can easily tell the type of personality you have. And don’t worry, if you choose two or three colors, you’re not a schizophrenic…it just makes you that much more marketable for different careers and jobs.


The Career Closet has a a lot of articles and tips on how to take you through these steps. Visit my link about how to choose a college major. I provided you with some resources and steps to take in order to make the right career choice. It is important that you know what you want to before going to college. It isn’t required, but a great idea because it helps you to feel a little more established and

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    1. Hey Avi!
      Thank you for the comment. I actually am not sure what happened to that information!!?? I re-posted it though, so check it out. I also have great resources under my link “Finding a College Major” link at my blog site. Check that out as well.

      Are you looking for anything specific?



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