Considering making a change? Has some circumstance led you to this decision? It doesn’t matter to be honest. There are so many drivers that lead you to this moment in your life. Even though you may have been doing the same type of work for years, change is good. It is important to re-evaluate your own personality, skills, and abilities, needs, desires, and wants so that you can re-focus your talents and energies to something else.

So, listing reasons why or why you do not like your current situation is truly important. It helps you to home in on all the circumstances surrounding your decision to move on and find something else. When you make lists, you put more thought into it. Changing careers is an important decision and life step to make. There is a lot of time, effort and money invested in making a change so be sure to put as much effort as you can into these thoughts and decisions that arise.

Here are a few ideas of lists that you could make. Taking some time (not a lot) is so important. I get it, sitting down and writing out lists might be somewhat annoying, but for this very important decision to work successfully for you, this is truly a must. So, if you are making lists, then one could list out everything you do not like, or things that are driving you to leave your career. Another could be things you like very much about your career or job. Be specific here on both lists. Then, knowing this, your third list should include the things that you want or prefer to have in your new career.

Here are a couple examples:


Long hours and low pay

Little opportunity for advancement

Management issues

Personnel (fellow employee morale)


Few openings in other locations

No travel



The work I do

Dealing with people in certain ways

Vacation and benefits


Schedule flexibility

High pay

Good benefits

Opportunity for advancement

Emerging or growing job market

Opportunity for travel

As you are making your lists, try to include only items that are true of your position or career in general, not those that might be specific to your current employer.


At this point, you should have a good idea of why you want to leave your current career, and what you are looking for in a new job. So, at this point, you should start to consider a new career and the experience and skills that you currently possess that would make you a strong ad successful candidate. Obviously, some of the hard skills required in your new career may not be there but be sure to consider those skills you have that will be transferable to another employer.

Here’s where another list comes into play…

This is the point in which you should create two more lists, each to focus on your hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are often acquired through training and practice, such as knowledge of specific computer software or specific skills you got in your current position. More specifically (and easily forgotten) are the technology platform skills. Be sure to list these and reap its benefits. Soft skills typically involve your personality, so interpersonal skills include things such as creativity, ability to work as part of a team and timeliness. To help with this, think about certain accomplishments you made in your career and personal life to help you list your skills.

Here is what a list of your hard and soft skills might look like if you’re looking to transfer from a customer service career:



Work ethic

Adapt well to new challenges

Communicate well with others


Significant product knowledge

Knowledge of Microsoft and other software programs

Excellent writing and grammar skills

This is indeed a small representative example of the lists to be made. I don’t like making lists of things either, but honestly this helps. Try it out. Thinking deeply and reflecting on the good and bad of your current career will really help you to expose what make does not help you to succeed. Lists help.

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