Some truth written here at regarding the status of career changes these days. So much has changed. We have all been through a lot and change is truly inevitable, even at the most unexpected! But the article 20 Eye-Opening Statistics About The State of Career Changes in 2020 by Aleksandar Dimovski.

It is stated all over the board that we all change our careers on average 5-7 times throughout our lifetime. That’s conservatively speaking! I’ve changed mine 6 different times and I am only 50! I embraced my career changes. I made great money in some, and not so great in others. I could do that because as a single person, I have less responsibility than those of you with families and other areas of responsibility that requires you to make a certain amount to stay above water. But career changes are a must and so inevitable in many situations. Do not force yourself to be miserable because you have to make the money. Personal happiness and fulfillment are indeed so crucial these days. You’re not alone. The median employee tenure is 4.3 years for men and about 4 years for women. And lately 18-24 year olds have changed their jobs almost 6 times within a six-year period. So, this happens to the best of us even You have to keep your mind open, and eyes and ears awake. There are so many opportunities that utilize the talents you may have, that you may never realize. There are just so many opportunities for you out there.

In fact…

Fascinating Facts About Career Change Statistics in 2020.

  • Only 21% of college graduates use most of/all of their education in their work/career. 
  • 39% of people considering changes in career, do so because of better salaries. 
  • Only about 14% of the workforce believes that they have a great job they would not like to change. 
  • 70% of the workforce is actively looking for a change in career.
  • Only 21% feel they are paid what they deserve. In contrast, 45% of workers say they are rarely/never paid what they deserve.
  • 74% of workers feel hindered by activities of micromanagement and other oppressive workplace practices.
  • 65% of workers report feeling isolated in the workplace because the environment is hostile/unhelpful.

There are some surprises to these career changes and what drives them. The first and foremost that most of us can probably surmise is that salary is the biggest catalyst for a career change. Many more of us are starting to realize that the more we work, the more worthy we are in a financial sense. Soft AND Hard skills, in addition to experience comes with a higher cost these days to employers. Don’t sell yourself short!

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