Choose a career that wags the tail.

Some dogs are mean, and some are shy. But a majority of man’s best friend is pretty happy and excited in general, impressing that happy-go-lucky spirit, and no way to shut it off. If you have one, no matter the amount of time you’ve been gone when you walk through that door, they’re jumping with excitement…with their tail wagging at its usual rapid pace. Do you know any human like this because of the work they do? Sure, they don’t have a tail that you know of…but think about that person. Why is it that they are happy in their job? Have you asked them? You should…it might help you to make the right choices when it comes to your own career exploration.

Or do we…

As young people, or people in search of a new or changing career, finding yourself is actually one of the most challenging things done in your search. As you may know, once you have the job, performing it can be pretty easy. A job is something you do to perform a list of duties and responsibilities to get paid. A career, although the same idea, is a little different and little more involved.

A career is a lifetime commitment…

Finding a career is no quick task. It is easy because the more you get to understand yourself (in and out) the easier it becomes to hone in on your talents and interests. But, choosing a career is something you should take some time and thought into thinking about what you truly enjoy, and can get paid for too. There have been days as a college recruiter that I work and think “do I actually get paid for this!?”

A career means something…

A career is something you envelope. A livelihood that should allow you to utilize what you are good at, and what you enjoy into the work. It is something you can implement your various talents into. This is how you get paid. So many of us wish to make a six figure salary, while a lot do, not everyone will make that especially right out of college. But you will be professionally and financially successful if you put your talents and interests into your work. But you have to find what those talents and interests are. You might think you know, but consider these questions and answer them. Think to yourself about the answers to these.

Three questions that you should ask yourself, and if necessary, write the answer down and keep a journal of these answers. Because as you research career choices and opportunities referencing these answers can make your search and selection easier:

1. Think about things with which you do well. List your outstanding attributes as you know them now…What is it that you really enjoy doing? I love to talk, so naturally my job is going to be something that I can utilize my voice and communication skills in the most effective way. Think about those attributes, and what have others said about you that you are good at and write them down.

2. Write the name of someone you know, and list their outstanding attributes. Is there someone you admire? I’m not referring to celebrities or musicians, but to those people in your life that you respect or look up to. It’s not only because of their job or the money they make, but because of their character, both professional and personal. What is it about the qualities of that person that you respect?

3. Imagine being given every opportunity just handed to you to be the most successful you can be. What does that look like to you and what does it mean to you to be successful? If you can have it all when it comes to a career…right now. What would that look like? There are so many opportunities for you to exercise what you are good at and what you enjoy well enough that you can actually create your own career, based on the opportunities that you take advantage of. For those of you in college right now, chances are the degree you earn may not lead you right to the job that you expect to have once out of college. You have a real opportunity to take that degree and find the kind of work that you would really enjoy. The more you enjoy your job, the more it doesn’t feel like a job.

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

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  1. Hey Keith, I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed your new blogs! They’re full of information and I can feel your focus and hard work when I read them. They would be helpful to anyone who is thinking about careers. Good job!

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