It is truly a science. Figuring out what to major in at college, and if it is the right choice. There aren’t too many college graduates that know exactly what kind of job they might have when they graduate from college. It’s a science to figure out what kind of degrees would put you on the right path. Well, check out these simple steps you can take to ensure that you are making the right choice with majors in college.


Before even choosing a major in college, it is important to look out into the future to get an idea of what you can see yourself doing. I always suggest developing a 5-year plan. In your case, maybe a 10-year plan in which you can see yourself in 10 years. What do YOU like? What are YOU good at? What can YOU see yourself doing 5 or 10 years from now? If you had $10 million in the bank, and still had to work, what would you do? Get involved in extracurricular activities in high school or in college to get an understanding of the scope of future jobs. Keep your thoughts on 2 or 3 possible college majors as you might change your mind while in college.


P-Personality– When choosing a college major, many students don’t even think about their own personality. Think about what kind of a person you are. Are you creative, or not? Like to help people, or manage them? Or both? These kinds of questions help you to understand your own personality. My encounters with young people made me realize just how much more they have to offer…more than they know. So taking a personality assessment test would be a great way to understand what career fits you. You can do a search of “career assessment” or “personality surveys,” words that provide you to links and sites where you can take these.

S-Skills(talents)- I- Interests– Given the amount of work you do in high school, or college right now or in the past should help you understand what you are good at. Think of those courses that you really enjoy, or are good at. Think about those extracurricular experiences that you enjoy.


Visiting websites like,, and my site, can provide you with available resources. Check out the site of the college you plan to attend. It usually offers a course catalog that you can access. Check out academic advising as well with questions you may have. Once you know what you’d like to do in the future, choosing the college major that centers that is the next best step. Go to your college (or college of choice) academic advising department, or an academic affairs person to ask any questions you might have about the majors being offered. Ask, ask, ask! They won’t freely offer you this information most of the time.


The more I work with young people in assisting them in choosing a career (or two) the more I realize the need for some to seek professional advice. My expertise in in just this very area. Helping people to become better versions of themselves fulfills a passion of mine. There is a very simple approach that I have created to help you with choosing the perfect career(s) for you. Check out my site and see how I can help you. Message me anytime for more information.

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke