Fastest Growing Occupations

Fastest growing occupations: 20 occupations with the highest percent change of employment between 2019-29.

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Wind turbine service technicians 61%$52,910 per year

Nurse practitioners 52%$109,820 per year

Solar photovoltaic installers 51%$44,890 per year

Occupational therapy assistants 35%$61,510 per year

Statisticians 35%$91,160 per year

Home health and personal care aides 34%$25,280 per year

Physical therapist assistants 33%$58,790 per year

Medical and health services managers 32%$100,980 per year

Physician assistants 31%$112,260 per year

Information security analysts 31%$99,730 per year

Data scientists and mathematical science occupations, all other 31%$94,280 per year

Derrick operators, oil and gas 31%$46,990 per year

Rotary drill operators, oil and gas 27%$54,980 per year

Roustabouts, oil and gas 25%$38,910 per year

Speech-language pathologists 25%$79,120 per year

Operations research analysts 25%$84,810 per year

Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors 25%$46,240 per year

Forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists 24%$45,270 per year

Cooks, restaurant 23%$27,790 per year

Animal caretakers 23%$24,780 per year

Last Modified Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2020