in all my one on one meetings with teens and other young adults, as well as in my presentations I always stress to young people how vitally important attitude is in anything and everything you do. They hear it all the time. Its preaching to the choir, and certainly many live a daily life with the most positive attitude.  A positive attitude will draw positive results.

But, check this out!

I found this somewhere, or heard about it, and when I did it, it was amazing…and so fitting.




What does this mean?

Think about the letters of the alphabet (A-Z) containing 26 letters right? Well when you correspond each letter with a number, you get this:

A=1   B=2   C=3   D=4   E=5   F=6   G=7   H=8   I=9   J=10   K=11   L=12   M=13   N=14

O=15   P=16   Q=17   R=18   S=19   T=20   U=21   V=22   W=23   X=24   Y=25   Z=26

So…add the numbers that correspond with each letter, and look what you get! Pretty interesting!!


HARD WORK= 98(%)

ATTITUDE= (100%)

It takes an attitude to build a village. It takes an attitude to love what you do.

Put 100% of whatever you can into your attitude. You will get double in reward and satisfaction. I promise. I tried it both ways. It doesn’t work.

Your attitude WILL guide you and your choice in careers. With a good and positive attitude about choosing careers, you will be more mentally and emotionally open to discovering yourself the right way and using that to make choices in which careers to pursue. Ask anybody with a bad attitude, if they love what they do? Now ask someone with a positive attitude. They may not like everything, but they do find satisfaction in something that keeps them going and motivated.

I can help you to making these difficult career choices. I have a great and easy 3 step plan that will guide you to making the perfect choice in career(s). Visit my website to find out more specifically what that process is. It takes 3 simple consulting sessions including a personality/career assessment that will help you to making some great career choices.

Your Success is my Success,

Keith Lipke