There is a circle of life in each of us. Life goes round and round. Many times we experience Deja Vu as we feel like we’ve been there before…

This is true in life, because the cycle of life happens through our lives I so many aspects. Many times this causes us to kind of lose control. Not staying focused on certain important aspects in life can lead you to lose a little control, or find it easily persuaded by negativity.

But there is hope. When you focus on the following 6 areas of your life…your circle of life, then you start to fill that core of your circle, and develop into a more well-rounded, loving, caring, enthusiastic, fantastic person that you are.

I follow these steps myself and when I can stay focused on these 6 areas of life, I started seeing more things in my life in a positive light. Before I didn’t. This is a work in process. I just started and its hard to accommodate and get used to. But as I focus on each of these areas I first had to understand where I stand in each of these areas.  Am I happy with the way things are? Is there something that needs changed or fixed or adjusted slightly?

What is it and how do I need to envelope myself in this area to you know, pay attention to this area and see where I’m happy:

  • Physical Well Being- how are you physically? Look at yourself naked in the mirror and think about where you need to improve your physical self. Furthermore, are you healthy? Why not? Can you cut back on whatever is making you healthy? Just consider it and keep it in your hip pocket for now.
  • Spiritual Understanding and Position– Where are you spiritually? Do you believe in God. Which type? If you are a religious person, how are you following your faith? This area is something that has grown stronger within me than any other area. The most significant impact on my life. There is a reason for it all.
  • Career Focus and Success– Do you wake up every morning dreading to go to work? If so, why? What specifically is it about the job or career that is not working. A great hope would be for you to win $10 million, but still do that job. Can you do it?
  • Personal Fulfillment– Are you taking some “me” time. Doing something, going somewhere that makes you happy? Takes you away from it all? Every one of us needs to recharge. As a victim of ADHD and there are many times where I’m constantly on the go and I don’t slow down until I am forced to from exhaustion, maybe an illness, whatever. What always works is when I find myself on the couch for 3 hours, watching the History channel with Angel next to me snoring her heart out. Or I spend more than an hour at a grocery store, or Super Wal-Mart, just walking around, checking things out. Goofy things, but they are little tricks-of-the-trade of our life that keeps our batteries recharged. We all need it sometimes. It’s okay to recharge. You just become a better person afterwards.
  • Relationships/Love– This is a personal thing. I’m not in a relationship, but I have spent time thinking about where relationships and love is in my life and it’s not a priority for me. I’m okay with that for right now. I have enough going on. But, where are you presently? And where do you want to go in the future with regard to who and how? Love is one thing. Relationships are another. With whom do you surround yourself? Do you have enough people in your life that helps to enhance your own life and persona? Being around positive people makes positive. Find people who are the same as you, and people who are different.
  • Emotional Empowerment– Wow, this is a toughy. Seriously. I’m an emotional person and struggle a lot with Depression. I am in a constant path of opportunities here. I am building more of my confidence and personal characteristics that make me who I am. I am proud of my personality and the values with which I hold and the skills and talents I share among everyone I meet. This personal empowerment helps to wake up every morning and make one decision between two questions…do I take this day under the grace of God in a positive light and not let anything hit me. Or if it does I forgo it and move on. It’s too little to bother me. Or do I see things in a more negative light and take it as such, making my day non-productive, dark, mentally/emotionally/physically draining.

Try it. Look over these briefly. Make a mental note of each of these areas, and pick one. Pick an easy one. Focus on this for a couple days and hit it.

Take each step and think about the following:

1. Where am I presently?

2. Am I fulfilled? Happy? Satisfied and can’t imagine changing anything in it?

3. How can I better myself with regard to any aspect of this area?

4. How am I going to impact those around me in the positive manner that these areas lend to.

Your ability to simply focus with this circle of life and fill that core.

Just take one step at a time.


Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

I’m a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Career Closet. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college

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