In all the workshops I’ve given, there are certain questions from students and parents alike regarding scholarships, and always hear the same frustrations regarding eligibility, length of time it takes to apply, the financial amounts given through scholarships, etc. These and more can be answered through this, and a few other of my posts regarding how you can best utilize your time and energy searching for the RIGHT scholarship!

Below is a list

For instance, I have a profile set up through for my scholarship search. I’m currently attending graduate school and has provided me with a lot of good and easy advice to be the best prepared for scholarships, and applying.

This list is quick and easy. It’s a simple way to prepare yourself, but make sure your prepared. If you have further questions, or need anything, please email me or post to this article.

 Now, follow these simple steps when applying for a scholarship:

1. Research all scholarships and see what you are qualified to apply for

2. Organize scholarships by deadline dates…don’t forget about post-mark and mail-by dates

3. Review the scholarships’ requirements and the things that are necessary to create your scholarship packet

4. Set up interviews (if required)

5. Prepare any portfolio (if required)

6. Request reference letters (Many sponsors will want them. Make sure you give your references adequate time to prepare. You will most likely receive a better quality reference this way.)

7. Request or print any special application forms or back up documents

8. Fill out first application (in chronological order by deadline)

9. Research and write essay (if applicable). Make sure you have someone proof read it for you

10. Review and edit all pieces of application. Incomplete apps get thrown out.

11. Make copies of all pieces of application

12. Submit application in requested form (electronic, mail etc)

13. Check with sponsor to verify they received your application and all documents

14. Gather 2-3 references of someone close you know that can vouch for your character, work-ethic and leadership abilities.

A lot of the information generated from this list of 14 came from

I’ve provided you with a list of my past posts that I feel are the best piece of information, all wrapped up in a bow! The following articles of information I wrote over the past few weeks.

These help you to REALLY be prepared for the best, the most (and the weirdest) scholarships…:

1. What’s next for federal funding? Who cares!!


2. Money and scholarship finding tips

3. A scholarship checklist to help you get the money

4. A new list of recommended scholarship websites

5. Just your average wild and crazy scholarships!

This list will surely provide you with the best and most comprehensive information you’ll need with your scholarship search. Below is a quick list of preparation kind of things. The most prepared you are, the most effective and successful you will be.

Scholarships are important and I personally know people who had most or all of their education paid for. Most scholarships don’t have to be paid back and also allow you an opportunity to use it toward general college expenses. These parameters vary based upon specific scholarship requirements.

Your Success is My Success,

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