I’m back…. 🙂

I was gone for some time because of a dear death in our family. Our mother of 80 years passed away on Friday, June 1 because she was done.

Done with this life here on earth. As happy as she was when she was alive, her heavenly home now welcomes her for eternity. Luckily living only two hours from the nursing home my mom lived at (and my weekly visits and daily contact with nurses) gave me the chance to experience firsthand her journey to death. It started just one day prior and mom was basically running low on oxygen. She wasn’t sick, or suffering from anything particular that caused her death. She was just done.

She ran out of breath and although my presence with her during the entire ordeal comforted her until her very final seconds, it is still somewhat of a shock to me that mom is just no longer here. My dad passed away five years ago. I was happier to lose dad because he suffered in pain so much from rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes that plagued him for years. So his sending forth was a Blessing. Moms was too, but mom was such a big part of my life, especially during these last five years since dads death. She has always been a big part of my life. I love her and always will. Much of who I am and what I believe in comes from my mother. My upbringing included mom dedicating her entire life and raising and caring for her five boys. So much of my mom is instilled in us all, and upon her death and the fact that mom and dad are not around anymore really got me to appreciate even more how much influence they had on my life.

Mom was a true genuine sweetheart. This short Italian with thick black hair had the patience, love and devotion to her family that I took for granted when we were young. Mom loved being around people. She enjoyed her sons and husband more than anything, but if she could, she would help out and talk to whoever she can. She had this amazing personality that you could never ignore or mock. Everyone loved her, and her “hi honey’s” to everyone she knew, along with a hug most of the time was the essence of my mom.

Why? She certainly did not have the most luxurious life. In fact, with dad working at a factory all day, making a mere $30,000 a year we struggled. But moms’ personality and attitude outweighed any dollar amount or large fancy home that she never got to have. But she didn’t care. She was who she was and it rubbed off on me.

Sometimes we don’t realize what we are missing until it’s gone. We live our lives and drudge through every day to make it to the next. Sometimes we stop and think and reflect on our lives and where we are, but do we do enough of that?

How many times have you reflected on your own life, whether it involve your parents or other loved ones that have influenced you? I’m one of the most caring guys I know personally and my love for being around people and my outgoing personality was all because of my mom. Those of you reading this are probably thinking one of two things:

1. I’m exactly like my mom and dad


2. I’m nothing like my mom and/or dad

No matter what your personality means everything in your career choice. Take a very good self-examination of yourself, your personality and the kind of person that you are. Your personal understanding of yourself helps to develop a great attitude in your mind. Decisions you make become easier and better.

Something else, if there is anything you can take away from this article it’s that your mom and dad do the best they can but to raise you is really difficult and they’re not perfect. Because, there is a very likely chance that much of who you are is from mom and dad. Don’t ever take them for granted. I didn’t and truly appreciate that and it has helped me personally and professionally.

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

I’m a careers and college recruiter, coach, public speaker and leader at The Career Closet. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college

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  1. Wow, Im Sorry For Your Loss. But Yes She’s In A Better Place And Im Glad To You Back ! 🙂


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