The kind of jobs you just wouldn’t normally see…

As the economy has us all by our ankles these days, we start to see and realize that there is less out there. Businesses have fewer employees, less money in the till, less production, less needs, and of course less growth in general. Growth of business, industry and affiliates to these companies. We have “thinned out” a little in the job market, the types of jobs available and the elimination of many industries.

I drive through Elkhart, Indiana quite a bit and it’s quite depressing to see the closure of so many local businesses. Entire industries and hundreds of jobs gone.

I don’t think I’ve actually seen a new home being built-in almost a year. So the economy has really affected a lot of the daily things we normally take advantage of, or take for granted. I think we’ve always thought that we are financially indestructible and that our economy can never be affected, or affect us. But it has!

Now, many of us that attended college and are degree carrying individuals may not have been as affected by the economy over the past few years, more so than those that don’t have a college degree.

I’m babbling here, but its important to earn that degree or some sort of higher education. If you want to go one year, go a year; or two years then go two years. But, don’t NOT go because of the length of time. People graduating from college now have about 45-50 years to work before retiring. Wouldn’t it be nice to like what you’re doing? Find a degree or classes that interest you in college to earn that degree or certification.

Things change, but your need to go to college shouldn’t…

It’s the same thing for college graduates. Sure, it would be nice to be in forestry and live in the pacific northwest or to get a degree in Art History, and paint, or jobs and careers similar to this that many young people deep down inside would like to do. I wish the job market and economy was such that we could “afford” to offer more of these types of jobs, merely because we can. PS- when I say “we,” I speak generally.

So, what’s the deal?

There is something interesting, though, to say about those careers that are out there. The weird, odd and goofy jobs that employees hundreds, or thousands at maximum in each area in the US. Check this interesting list out that I found on BLS.GOV.

Below is what I see as a list of the kind of jobs out there that most of us don’t think about. I love this as it contains some pretty odd jobs and many of you would find it pretty interesting. Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook for specific definitions and pay scales, job requirements and future employees needs and trends.

Occupation Employment Median Wage Hourly Annual

JOB TITLE                                # OF EMPLOYEES     HR WAGE                ANNUAL SALARY

Prosthodontists                                        370                  >=$80.00*                  >=$166,400*

Radio operators                                        820                  17.85                           37,120

Fabric menders, except garment       960                  13.69                           28,470

Locomotive firers                                    970                  23.17                           48,190

Mathematical technicians                   1,100               18.46                           38,400

Geographers                                             1,120               32.02                           66,600

Segmental pavers                                   1,170               13.17                           27,400

Astronomers                                             1,280               48.70                           101,300

Industrial-organ. psychologists          1,460               37.03                           77,010

Forest fire inspectors/

prevention specialists                            1,580               15.09                           31,380

Models                                                         1,660               13.18                           27,410

Model makers, wood                               1,740               15.06                           31,320

Dredge operators                                     1,910               16.70                           34,740

Makeup artists, theatrical/perf.        1,930              12.63                           26,270

Patternmakers, wood                            1,930               16.35                           34,010

Kind of cool right?

Someday, jobs like these will be created, just to spend money on other people, get things done easier and better and to grow our economy. Because that’s what it’s about.

Be a part of that economic growth, and get  certificate or degree!

Your Success is My Success,


Keith Lipke is a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Career Closet. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people along their journey who need it upon their search for the right career.