This is the month for scholarships of course.  BUT, every month is the month for scholarships. As there are BILLIONS of dollars in scholarships out there.  Surprisingly not all scholarships are awarded. Many do not apply, thus leaving millions in the dust.

There is a scholarship for everyone. You have to do the research and look around. It won’t land on your lap, so the more work you do the more successful you will be. I know young people who did a lot of searching for scholarships and applied to a lot. They ended up having almost all of their schooling paid for just from scholarships. This could be you and it could mean a little extra money for other college expenses.

This is a quick list of scholarships and scholarship search websites that I highly recommend. I checked them all out and found that they are all pretty legit and work well. Do your part here and sit at the computer for a couple of hours looking through the scholarships that you would be eligible for.

SCHOLARSHIP WEBSITES – aid and resources for re-entry students  – federal scholarships aid gateways and 25 scholarship gateways – will match your profile against thousands of available scholarships  – part of the collegiate network and lists more than 500,000 awards – offers a database with over 2,300 sources of funding  – offers free scholarship searches  – provides scholarship searches and personalized scholarship application assistance – another free online scholarship search engine– has over 600,000 scholarships with over 8,000 funding sources – will match profile against thousands of scholarships throughout the year – says they are the oldest and largest free scholarship search engines – offers free scholarship search, student loans and loan counseling – free online search engine of thousands of scholarships available – another free scholarship search engine – contains both U.S. and Canadian scholarship databases – another substantial free scholarship search engine– This is probably your most important website for financing for college. If you don’t know about this site yet, you are running late. If you do, then you should have created a PIN # as well as filled out your financial aid forms. Many of these financial aid forms are due pretty soon. Depending on your state, you might have time, but be sure to get them in. The first come first served basis works here and your funding for college might be affected if you’re late. If you have done taxes (if you need to) and your parents taxes are done…or at least they have some basic tax information, that is what is required for filling out the FAFSA. If you are currently interested in a school, then talk with their financial aid department to follow their steps.

I wrote a couple of articles in the recent past regarding FAFSA. Check them out here:




These are a few of the articles I wrote that gives you pretty much what you need when it comes to college financing. Many people tell me they just don’t understand, or feel intimidated by all that you need to know, so here you go!

These are not all the scholarships that are out there, but some of the best “scholarship search” sites. These are websites where you create your own profile in detail and they go out and search for scholarships for you. I get emails almost every day from about certain scholarships that something in my profile triggered. So I check it out every time and if I am really eligible then I apply right away. Simple as that.

But, wait for it as I post a new article with some different categories of scholarships that are available. You will have to check them out, but there is a ton of money for you.

When it comes to scholarship searches….time IS money!

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

I’m a careers and college recruiter, coach, public speaker and leader at The Career Closet. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college

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