Every year, before I start out visiting high schools, giving my classroom career presentations, meeting families and young people, I always find myself looking at this picture. It might sound a little weird, but it actually causes me to meditate for a bit and clear my mind of anything and everything for the purpose of visualizing my own life of variety, diversity and the ability to meet so many young people and help them with making the right career and college choices. It helps me to re-charge and get motivated.

Now, you do it…

A look at these rocks is representative of the tremendous amount of diversity in everyone in our world, no matter the size, shape or color. These rocks represent us…you and I and everyone else. The people with whom we encounter everyday are in these rocks. No matter where or how or with whom you come into contact, your attitude shows and is a big portion of your personality. You are a special person and have qualities that can make or break your future professional success. No matter what that career choice is for you, one thing is certain: starting your day with the right attitude makes a world of difference.

Everyone, everyday has two choices…

Every day you wake up you have two choices to make:

1. To receive this day and approach everything in the most positive way possible

2. Or, take the negative route, and see what happens…:)

Obviously the first one is the better sounding one right? Most of the times we don’t consciously make this decision every morning, but we wake up with one of these attitudes most of the time. Your attitude takes you places and reflects your character and future professional opportunities.

Look at these rocks again…

Stare at them a little bit. See the differences in shapes and colors and styles: specs or no specs; red, purple, onyx…whatever that is. These rocks represent the enormous variety of people and differences in attitudes that you will encounter in your day and lifetime. People will walk in and out of your life…some stay, many will leave. But no matter who they are there is variety and you can learn something from each of them. Don’t take this for granted.

How do you measure up to that?  How do you get along with people?  Do you judge them? Are you the kind of person that gets along with anyone and everyone?  Think about the number of people who you know really well.  How many are there?  We all have close friends, and we have acquaintances. Those acquaintances usually outweigh our close friends. How do you come off to those acquaintances? In a professional setting at work you may need to think about this, especially if you are in a field that allows you to be around people all the time.

Every day is a journey…

The older you get, the easier it might be to get along with teachers, friends, co-workers, and family, or you at least start to see the need. Homework seems no big deal to handle.  Class time doesn’t seem that long and all of a sudden you’re better prepared. More mature and ready to take on whatever you need to. Your attitude means everything in whatever you do. The more or less you put into something, you may get that same amount out of it.

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

I’m a careers and college recruiter, coach, public speaker and leader at The Career Closet. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college

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  1. This is a very nice piece. I especially appreciate the mention of diversity in the people we will come across in our daily interactions. Those things we can learn from one another can often time be overlooked, but be so valuable at at the same time. Thanks!


    1. Yes Access!
      Many times we are so self involved with our daily lives ad interactions, that the very opportunity to truly look at someone, or to listen to someone when they’re speaking is missed, and we miss those moments without even realizing we missed them.


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