The First List…

Every few months I like to post a couple of articles and lists of scholarships available and scholarship websites that I find through the research I do or general information regarding college financing, funding and scholarships that is available.

Some unique scholarships…

This list is pretty cool as it’s specifically targeted toward certain degrees, careers and big corporations that are posting and offering scholarships.

Scholarship finding tips…

Now is the time when most scholarships are being awarded and available. Get going now as you have a lot of money waiting for you. Whether you are a senior this year, or will be next year. Or if you are a college student now, it’s not too late to start searching for scholarships now and keep a running list!

Tip 1: Proper preparation make a production person- if you prepare yourself early enough you could go to college for free.

Tip 2: Make sure you check out all requirements on these scholarships.

Tip 3: Many of you are eligible simply because of the degree you are going to school for.

Tip 4: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for.

Tip 5: Let them do the work for you! Go to many of the websites (listed below)

Tip 6: Remember to check back here all the time for the latest and greatest on tips and guidelines you NEED when applying for scholarships.

So, here they are…

I checked out all these sites and they seem pretty easy to understand and legit. Check them out. Who knows what you could find now available as current scholarships, or what you can prepare yourself for next year.

The more you prepare, the better off you will be for paying for college…even all of it…

All of these scholarships have specific requirements, so be sure to read through the instructions on applying. Have all the necessary resources and backup documentation available. Pretty cool scholarships right? If you work for Burger King, you are eligible!

This list will always change, based on current data I find: aid and resources for re-entry students federal scholarships aid gateways and 25 scholarship gateways will match your profile against thousands of available scholarships part of the collegiate network and lists more than 500,000 awards offers a database with over 2,300 sources of funding offers free scholarship searches provides scholarship searches and personalized scholarship application assistance another free online scholarship search engine has over 600,000 scholarships with over 8,000 funding sources will match profile against thousands of scholarships throughout the year says they are the oldest and largest free scholarship search engines maintains database of scholarships for Hispanic students offers free scholarship search, student loans and loan counseling free online search engine of thousands of scholarships available another free scholarship search engine contains both U.S. and Canadian scholarship databases another substantial free scholarship search engine

Please post a comment and follow my blog posting as I’ll provide more details on necessary CAREER and COLLEGE exploration information

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