Don’t be left empty

Driving through a shopping center one morning in Oswego, Illinois…this vacant and abandoned Hollywood video store for some reason really grabbed my attention. What happened!!??
I remember working at a small video store in the town I lived in and anticipating for the new release VHS tapes and how wed have people lined up waiting to rent the newest release with a wall full of video tapes for people to rent, grab a pizza down the street and head home for an evening in the living room in front of the TV to pop it in the VCR.

This picture of the empty Hollywood video store with the remaining logo imprint that we all recognize just caught me by total surprise…that era is gone. You should be prepared for what’s ahead…be ready…

Create a plan for your future and stick with it…

With the age of the video and the video store declining comes a new breed of technology that can deliver us the fastest and most reliable quality without even getting off our fannies!

Are you ready?

Prepare yourself. If you’re in a career now that you love then your next step should be to investigate what new technology and future progress that you can keep abreast of. Don’t get caught off guard. I have a friend of mine that has worked as a newspaper writer for more than 15 years and he’s suddenly looking at where his capabilities are when it comes to being on top of the wave of technology and how news is being delivered. He’s suddenly behind a little bit and finds himself taking computer courses…at 38 years old. So be ready. Find out what continued education or necessary training you need so you’re on top of it in your career.

Is there something else out there?

What kinds of skills do you have?? Take those skills and see if you can apply them to another job or related field. All of us have transferable skills that can move from job to job. People skills, computer proficiency, leadership, etc. Think about the specific skills you have and see where you can utilize them in something that you may enjoy more!

Create a strategic plan…

“Five years from now…”
Think about this statement. Do you know where you will be in five years with regard to you, your profession, your personal life and even habits you have or things you’d like to do. Think about your life and come up with 5 different things that you would like to focus on to be at in five years. Keep it simple. Don’t make your five-year strategic plan something that is not accomplished Keep it simple…

For example:
In five years…
1. I plan to work with my masters degree in higher education at a university setting.
2. Living somewhere else other than Indiana
3. Doing some pubic speaking appearances and workshops 4. Working as a career coach.
5. Move into a home…apartment living gets old.

These aren’t all of them but this is a rough draft of my five-year strategic plan…very simple and something I can foresee for accomplishing. It motivates me to take the right steps to get there. I wanted to show this to you so you can get a better scope of my near future plans. Create a five-year strategic plan every five years.

Don’t be an old non-existent video store…down for the count. Be Netflix!!

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

I’m a careers and college recruiter, coach, public speaker and leader at The Career Closet. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college

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