I am so blessed to have the things and people in my life that I have, despite any challenges or opportunities. Though it’s not much as I stay pretty frugal with things I have because of my ever-changing life. I just never know what can happen with me and where I’d go, so I keep things thinned out. 🙂 Some of you know what I mean…

But I am happy with all the experiences I’ve had with people and places and things in life.

The people I encounter…

Fort Wayne, Indiana is the 5th town I’ve lived in, in addition to my tremendous amount of travel throughout the country in my past work lives. But my residence here in The Fort may be short-lived soon as I’m looking for additional challenges and opportunities within higher education. In speaking on this topic with a close friend of mine at my church at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton catholic Church, in Ft Wayne, I indicated my free-ness to move wherever. One of those blessings I count are the people with whom I’ve become friends and close to.

One of them, my friends Kim and Steve were explaining to me the apathy they’re feeling from their son. A high amount of apathy to take the next step post-high school. They’re not even close to approaching the process. For him to apply and get accepted to very many schools for Fall ’11 at this point in the year might be fruitless. He could start at the community college, but the ultimate point of our conversation was that they can’t even get him to do that. He’s so burned out, so done with school that (like every other graduating senior out there) just wants to chill and not have to think or deal with school and rules and paperwork for a short while.

Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. Kim and Steve completely understand. Here we have two parents, very close family brought up in a very good Catholic home, and both Steve and Kim are so organized, professional, successful in all they do. But their son just doesn’t have it…yet.

I can totally understand this…

In our conversation, Kim went on to explain that she even looked into some sort of careers consulting to motivate her son to start thinking about his future. It’s a scary thought to think that this is the time where young people have to make some pretty serious choices. I’m not talking choices on what to wear or any sort of daily decision-making event in the past. This is serious. It means that as a young person, turning 18 allows you the adulthood status. But where it gets tough as an adult is the need for you to make some decisions that will truly affect the rest of your lives.

Choosing a future…a career and college is probably one of the first most important decisions you’ve had to make right?

It’s scary I know. I made this kind of decision about 14 times in my life. But I have loved every minute of it. I found my niche, even though it took a little longer with some bumps along my journey, I finally found what I love, am good at and be successful with…

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have an interest in finding something better, right? Maybe improving your life professionally, or starting your professional life? It’s cool…and I am honored that you stuck around. 🙂 I have a ton of knowledge and experience, and stemming from my conversation with Kim and Steve, I found that what I know can truly make some positive changes and guide you onto a more successful professional journey. I write about it and have for two years in this blog. As you scope through my past articles you will see the spectrum of things I touch on…everything college and careers.


I’m currently authoring a program called The Creation Effect which is going to be a gathering of all the necessary steps that you can take to not only help you choose a career and college that best fits you, but doing it effectively. To result in a decision that motivates you and that affords YOU the opportunity to actually be excited about pursuing this. Many of you motivated now will indeed take so much from this program. But it is a step by step process and very quick and easy.

The one thing I learned about young people is they DO NOT like talking about themselves seriously, and they don’t like micro-management. So I keep it really easy.

This is where I’d like your help…

You are my best critics and creators. You are the ones that inspire me to think of other more genuine topics and issues that surround you and your needs.

I’d love for your input as to what you are in the most need of?

If you had one question you could ask, what would it be?

If there is one thing that you just do not understand, what is it?

Talk to me…

My target here is to target you, and to help you through a 4 step process that is easy, fun and interactive. It helps you to think thoroughly and easily about what you are made to do professionally, and to help you along those steps into college. To easily come up with who you truly are, deep down inside. It also allows you then to have fun finding the many different things that you can do throughout your life. I would never advocate staying in one job or career. Expand yourself. Move your horizon through your journey and see what you get. I went from sales, to purchasing, direct marketing, marketing, retail management, recruiting, public speaking, etc, etc. I loved every minute of it, but it allowed me to find the best version of myself.

Below is an outline of The Creation Effect. This will give you an idea of the beginning stages of my consulting with you or whoever needs it in making the best choices when it comes to you finding the bets career for you in life, as well as all the particulars it takes in choosing, selecting and paying for college.

I can help you with this, but it takes a more organized, step by step (easy) method to accomplish all these tasks in the most productive and fiscally responsible way. In other words, let’s have fun finding your future!

My goal here is to sit down (literally)  via Skype or in person to meet and get to know the client (student) and his/her parent(s)…support system…financially and emotionally.

This would consist of only 2-3 sessions,with some (homework) in between. But ultimately my goal here is to guide you down this journey. Your parents (or support network) will be involved, but it’s all you. You will be affected by this creation effect.

I help you to become the best version of yourself…


Getting to know you…and you getting to know you

*personality assessment, skills abilities, interests

*clarifying the game plan…and end game

*helping them understand why, how, what and where…

*help you to understand that this will not work unless you are true and honest with yourself. It is all about you and your honesty to yourself is the only critical component to success.

This stage is where the personal assessment occurs to evaluate and determine specifically the path of your own personality…type of person, personal qualities and what is deep and important. This is to start to understand “the self” in order to take step 2… Activity will take place here to help you along in a fun and creative way. But it will be up to you to complete this truthfully and honestly.

Step 2:

Taking a career assessment to evaluate, analyze and assess what skills, abilities and interests you have regarding specific careers and industries to look into. This survey/assessment would allow the student to create a top 3 list and focus on specific skills. I’ll create this on my own and ask you to complete it. It will be in 2-3 different stages, but the ultimate result would help you to choose 3 ideal career paths. These paths will consist of numerous opportunities and jobs for you to investigate and check out, but the goal is for you to focus on your journey and to find the kind of future jobs that would best fit your skills, interests and personalities. This will easily come about with the activity-centered method I will provide you.

Step 3:

This step is a color-coded personality assessment event where I use 4 colors in determining 4 general types of personalities, when it comes to the workforce, society in general, and the kind of environment you’d like and would prefer to work in. These four colors will be centered on a fun and easy activity based approach where you can easily determine where you stand relative to specific personality traits and how that makes you up as a person. This matters a lot in finding the career and job that fits you.

This also helps you to choosing the right school and the degree to start that career.

Step 4:

The effect.

What is the end result of the prior three steps? Where are you mentally, emotionally and decisively? Do you understand more fully where you can be successful? Does it give you some direction along your journey? Can you see 5 years in the future at this point? You should be able to.

Now, on to the next step. A step that should result in you choosing the best 3-4 schools of higher education (colleges, universities, community colleges, junior colleges, private schools, etc.) that fit your career choice and degree interests. First find the school that suits the best approach to your career decision. Then choose the college that fits everything else about you. There are some easy ways to doing this.

This step will take you through the process of researching, choosing, accepting, paying for and registering for college. I will merely make you aware of all these stages of the college process. I will at this point encourage you to take the bull by the horn here and continue your journey without me…and mom and dad 🙂

That’s the goal and effect of The Creation Effect. You are creating the best version of yourself with this method. To be the best version of yourself is to do what fits you the best. It’s what makes you feel comfortable and confident in what you do. This ultimately guides you to financial and professional success.

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

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Keith Lipke is a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Career Closet. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college.