Just a few weeks ago I was traveling around, visiting parents and students providing advice on college and career searches. One dad mentioned to me how hard it has been for his daughter Julie to get motivated to sit at the computer and apply for all the scholarships that she’s eligible for. Not a very academically inclined student at all, but someone who writes well, is great in sports and creative. Obviously, as you should know by now, that academics and sports aren’t the only things that get you the money. There is more to it.

Many of you probably cringe at the thought of filling out more paperwork, right? Answering more questions about yourself, your family and future aspirations relative to college. So, after sitting down with Julie, I gave her a site that I just recently learned of, She jumped on her computer…and was actually really impressed by this site, because within minutes of navigating, she found very similar stories from other students in different parts of the country that were trying to find ways to pay for college, and then some. She began reading posts from students who won scholarships, and how they were truly in the same boat as her. Before I knew it she was signed in and getting involved…in a social media sort of way, AND becoming more and more eligible for scholarship money! is a student forum and scholarship site. They award up to $5,000 in scholarships every week to students who might not otherwise be able to pay for their education. Sure it has links to another scholarships and college searches, but CollegeNET allowed Julie to sit at her computer for quite a while and involving herself in the networking that was going on in this site from other students and winners. That is the objective of CollegeNET…paying you to think.

As I navigated through CollegeNET myself I found some pretty amazing stories of hope, encouragement and true success from students in winning money to help pay for some of their college expenses.

How many of you reading this post right now, don’t really need free money for college?

That’s kind of what I thought too…

Well, check this out… was founded with the belief and purpose that everyone has an opportunity for an education. It’s our right, right? Yes, and CollegeNET knows this, but they use an alternative method in allowing you to get paid for thinking.  That’s the slogan for CollegeNET,

“It Pays to think!”

Here students have an opportunity to informally utilize their writing and thinking skills to socialize and communicate with other students from all over. Issues of importance that allow YOU to “take a stand on and engage in conversations about important issues,” says Jill Thacker, Marketing Analyst for CollegeNET.

Social issues that matter to you…

This is where the opportunity now in winning scholarship money comes into play. Once you visit, sign into CollegeNET and create a profile you become a candidate for a scholarship. Your actual chances of winning a scholarship become greater when you read and stay involved in discussions that center on a variety of forums of your choosing. Your posts and comments win votes from other readers. Once those votes are tallied, and you have the most…here comes the money!!

Money for school…

$800,000 has been awarded from CollegeNET so far, so the money is there. Check out the site and see for yourself! The site is supported by advertisements and scholarship sponsors and its popularity really jumps when students like yourself markets the greatness of CollegeNET.

In fact, Stephanie Moskop and Erica Paul are two of those student winners that can probably back this up. Stephanie won $3,000 her first year, and then $4,000 the second year. You have one chance per year to win, Stephanie rocked it out with two wins in two years!

“Finding scholarships is like a full-time job! You have to constantly search and apply for everything out there! The more you apply for, the more chances that you will win something. Just don’t give up right away, said Stephanie. It does take some work, but the results can be so beneficial for all of you.

I think Erica Paul felt the same way with her winning, and then tied it into the common likeness. Winning $3,000, Erica really found it so beneficial at how involved you become on

“I learned how to interact in an online environment. Facebook and other social networking websites are actually used to communicate with people. CollegeNET was fun for me because I could have engaging debates with other users and it gave me a chance to see a much wider variety of viewpoints than my hometown and my college,” said Erica.

It pays you to think and communicate…

…and socialize, debate, make friends, write effectively, and know your place. That’s the CollegeNET way. Check out this site and I can guarantee that you will find some great friends, awesome topics and free money.

One of the things I truly respect in is not only its alternative approach to providing you with an opportunity to afford an education, but it requires you to be conscious and aware of yours and your families’ contribution toward college. It encourages you to go through all the appropriate channels of financial distribution when it comes to college and whatever student aid there is available to you.

I support this site and encourage you to check it out!

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke

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Keith Lipke is a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Career Closet. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college.