Below is a second installment of scholarships for all of you prospective and current college students. It is getting later in the year to apply for many of these, but it is never too late to apply. There are hundreds of scholarships still open and available for those of you starting in the fall, or spring.

I found this awesome list from a site managed by The University of Texas Pan American ( It’s JUST a list. It’s really for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of winning any of these.

I checked them out myself and they are all legit. Always watch for those scholarship search engines or companies that seek you out. There are scams to be aware of when applying for scholarships. I know it sounds scary here, but believe it or not many people’s identity and security are taken through scholarship scams.

A few tips and pointers…

In your search for scholarships, be sure to keep in mind of the following things:

1. Start the search.  Do NOT rely on others

2. Don’t burn your bridges

know your allies, references always help

3. Prepare an essay and practice application
4. Can YOU read your own handwriting?
5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
-Brag about yourself…even if it was running the sound board for church choir or keeper of the left-handed shovel, any sort of extracurricular involvement is ideal and highly regarded by most scholarship committees. Document any type of involvement you had in the past, especially during high school and college.
6. Highlight positive aspects about your life & employment
7. Local scholarships are sometimes the best, so watch out for scholarships near where you live. Check with mom and dad’s work too.
8. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines: keep track of these!
9.Turn in the right stuff at the right time
10. Go for all of them, or as many as you are qualified for.
11. Don’t procrastinate. The longer you wait, allows another person to win that scholarship you waited on.
These are just some tips I give everyone and should be taken seriously. Your efforts to winning money and getting your college paid for is based upon the amount of work you are willing to do. I never make things hard for you, but you have to put in some effort in research.

Another scholarship listing…

Anyhow, here is a second installment of scholarship websites I checked from The University of Texas Pan American listing they provided. These are really focused on websites that are primarily labeled to specific organizations and maybe even universities, but check them out ad see what you qualify for!

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Discover Card Tribute Award
United States Institute of Peace
Gateways to US Government Grants
American Psychological Association
American Sociological Association Graduate funding
Bell Labs Fellowships for Underrepresented Minorities
Student Inventors
Student Video
Coca-Cola Two year college
Ronald McDonald House charities
Ayn Rand Essay
Brand Essay Competition
Sports Scholarships and Internships
National Assoc. of Black Journalists
Saul T. Wilson
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

I have a bunch more to go through and will provide you those on Friday! Be sure to check back and subscribe right here to get email updates of blog posts on the latest in careers, college and the cash it takes to get you there!

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