Okay, part 3 is a critical component in your career choice…
Imagine if you are a talkative person who loves being around people. Well, let’s say you hear that being an Accountant or Engineer pays good money, but in those jobs you might be required to work on your own and always doing the same kind of work.  That doesn’t fit your talkative people-person personality, does it?

That’s the goal in this Part 3.

Take a look at each color below and measure your own personality.  In fact, you can count up the number of personality traits that you have. The color that you have the most traits, then will lead you down the journey to finding specific careers that would suit your personality.

In other words, let’s say you’re a Green personality. Well, then you would probably be more suited to work in technical careers, maybe CAD, drafting, computer technology, architecture, accounting, etc.  Careers that fit around that personality color.

You certainly can choose more than 1 color.  If you do, that makes you that much more marketable for various careers and jobs.

If you recognize personality traits under every color, that’s fine.  Just know what those traits mean, and be able to explain how you have that trait.

YELLOW color means that you’re a rules follower, conservative, a perfectionist who likes to investigate and observe

BLUE color means that your compassionate, caring, like to develop relationships and always find yourself offering advise or a shoulder to lean on for people

GREEN color means that you’re an introvert–you prefer to work on your own– and you enjoy doing the same kind of work, even taking things apart and putting them back together. You like to work with your hands and are more intellectual.

RED color means that you’re a personable, outgoing, fun-loving individual that likes to work with people and create ideas


If you find something that fits you, you will be professionally and financially successful. Most Managers and supervisors use character, personality and attitude when making decisions of hiring, firing and promotion.

Many times in my life I was given an increase for a promotion or moving from area to another. It was because of my attitude, my need to learn and my ability to expand upon my horizons and try new things. Managers and supervisors saw that in me. That was my attitude. And because of that I was given more opportunities.

Sure I did different jobs and held various titles, but I was afforded to this opportunity because I showed I cared. I didn’t have to kiss ass or anything, although sometimes that’s okay. :)

But my personality showed that it fit what I was doing in my job and career and it was easy for my former bosses to see this.

Don’t change your personality for a job. Change the job for your personality.

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I’m a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Hope Chest. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college.