…of course it has to look good…

That’s actual duct tape that is suiting these kids up! They attended prom that way.

As a member of my Catholic community, I have the opportunity of being a member of the Knights of Columbus, a men’s Catholic charitable service organization. They raise a ton of money for good causes.

One of those good causes are scholarships for aspiring college students!

In fact there was $1.6 million awarded in 09-10 school year so far to students through the Knights of Columbus. If an organization like the Knights provides grants this significant for those in  need wanting to attend college!

There are a lot of these types of scholarships. The Knights offered several different types of scholarships, and with those came different requirements, so be sure to check all requirements before applying.

But, do your  research. I know there are different kinds of scholarships. Wacky and weird scholarships that are fun to compete for…and awesome to get.

There are actual scholarships for people who are tall or left-handed.  People that wrap themselves up in Duct Tape for Prom or Homecoming.

Check out these sites to see if you qualify!

Research these four websites and see what you come up with!

Please respond back to me for more questions, or if you need anything else.

Your Success is My Success,

Keith Lipke