How many times have you wished it was easier to find colleges that fit you?

How many times have you thought “I don’t know what I’m good at” or “I don’t know what is out there that I can do.”  “Is there a lot of schooling involved?” “How do you expect me to go to college when I have a full-time job and 3 kids??”

These thoughts…and many more…plague people’s minds all the time. Time after time I speak with so many parents of high school students and I can feel their fear when it comes to sending them off to college. Many times its their first time doing this and it all seems so intimidating.

Even those adults I speak to always have that look and wish when wanting to go back to school to better their education or obtain their first degree.

Does it?

Is it simply the act of getting motivated that is causing you to not take that next step?

Everyone deserves a degree. Everyone can get a degree. I can guarantee you that I can find you a college that will both satisfy your family needs, financial constraints, and belief that you CAN be happy working!

I will also help you to making the right choice with regard to careers

Think about someone you know. It might be you. Someone that is absolutely unhappy with their current job or career. Miserable right? Waking up every morning feeling horrible about having to go to work. Dreading the day and looking forward to the weekend.

Surprisingly this happens at some point to most of us.

We dream of a better life. A life where we are not tied down to HAVING to work to make “ends meet,” or to satisfy the everyday needs and wants of our desires.

We always wonder…is there something else out there for us?  There HAS to be, right? Maybe. Many of us think of how it’s always greener on the other side, and if we could just win the lottery or get that long-lost inheritance of millions, then we’d have it all!

Well, even with working a full-time job, dedicating 40 and more hours per week to work, we have a right to like what we do.

It is a right. And a possibility.

Let me help. This site is for you! Subscribe to this blog and I will give you all the necessary resources available that you need in your career exploration and college search. I’m dedicated to providing you with the best information possible.

What do you need?

Wondered where the free money is? Concerned about financial aid and if you have all the right paperwork? Wondering where all the scholarships are? Trying to find that college that will fit your hectic life? Or do you want to get out of dodge and go to a school far away and be on your own?

Well no matter your need, I can help. Send me any concern question or request you might have.

The best part of it all is I’m free!

Use me and use my skilled knowledge on this sort of stuff.

Your success is my success,

Keith Lipke