I have the gift of gab and love to talk. I have a very presentable voice and articulate in everything I say. Most of all, I’m an energetic motivator that has a very effective format and method in communicating my message and encouraging others to feel the same way!!

I get excited when I’m around people and I want to be around you!

Right now, I’m scheduling my winter and spring speaking engagements, venues and workshops. So far, I’m scheduled to present to groups of 5 high school students, 55 college aged people and as a keynote to 550 students competing at State competitions here in Indiana.

If you’d like to book me to come to your community, I speak on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

CAREERS: making the right choice, finding YOUR dream job, It just takes 3 steps to choosing the right field

COLLEGE: scholarships/financing, making the right college choice, helping YOU to go BACK to COLLEGE…trust me, its easy motivational, workshops, seminars, keynote addresses

YOUNG PEOPLE: goal setting, finding the right “you,” spirituality  and YOU, youth leadership, “You have two choices everyday you wake up”

Most of my speeches and workshops have been centered on young people, middle school age, high school and college age. I use a multi-media approach through visual illustrations and make it the most light-hearted and entertaining program that people will truly enjoy. Sometimes music and dancing happens too…:)

Most importantly you will come out of any of my seminars, speeches, and/or presentations more motivated, energized, smiling :), and most importantly, you’ll come out of it with something…steps that you can take in any category of your life, no matter the obstacles you run into.

I truly believe that we all live in a Circle of Life. The center of that circle is the foundation from which we come.

However, our lives are filled with so much and so many pressure points, that we tend to lose track of who we are, where we are in life and where we need to be in order to make our own lives more fruitful and fulfilling life.

Our jobs become easier to tackle, or if not, you make a change with no problem. Our relationships mean something and we build tighter more fulfilling relationships with people who are a big part of our lives.

These main areas are: Spiritual well-being, Money & finances, Career and business, Relationships & community, Emotional & physical health and Play & leisure.

If you live a daily practice of keeping these main areas of your life ahead of anything else, then you WILL be lead.  You’ll be more successful in school, with your wife or husband/loved ones, your children, and anything else that means something to you.

You will find happiness and success in anything you do. Even if you fail, you have a better grasp and control over your own destiny that failing is no biggie.

Believe me, I’ve failed many times. I don’t remember how, why or when, but I do remember what i learned from it, and it all brought me right back in a Circle to the very same spot of re-evaluating and developing myself as a much more humble, loving and better God-fearing man.

Use me.

Book me.

Email me at, or contact me at Facebook or Tweet me!. Or respond to this and I’ll get in touch with you.

I’m available most of the time and am flexible with the topic and length of time.  Visit The Hope Chest to get more info on my current profession as a public speaker.  I’m a talker and very energetic.  I have the ability to effectively on anything in any way on the topics mentioned above.

I have a talent and a message and want to share it.  That’s my purpose in life.

Here’s to speaking to you!

Keith Lipke, The Hope Chest