Well, here we go again…a nice and full list of scholarships provided for you! I’m on my journey to get this full list to you in a few different posts. But here’s a start…

Another year starting up,m and with that, more opportunities for you to receive money for free to pay for college…and then some! I’m always on the hunt for scholarships and websites that you all can take advantage of in your search for the millions and millions of dollars available to you to pay for college. There are even people who win so much in scholarships that they have extra money to pay for other things for college like gas, food, rent, etc. But you have to take the initiative.

It’s up to you to look and search. The more you look the more you will find I guarantee it. Now this list below consists of specific scholarships and search engines that you can create your profile.

BROKESCHOLAR.COM Search engine of more than 850,000 local, state and national scholarships and grants. Identifies scholarships based on academics, community service activities, talents and interests.

COLLEGEDATA.COM Provides assistance for applying for college admission, selecting a college, scholarship search engine and cost calculator.

MEXICAN AMERICAN LEGAL DEFENSE AND EDUCATION FUND Extensive list of scholarships that may not inquire about immigration status or require a valid Social Security number.

CAREERSAND COLLEGES Free scholarship search of more than 1.7 million scholarships worth over $7 billion.

COLLEGES, COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID Free college scholarship and financial aid searches, SAT and ACT test preparation tips and more.

COLLEGEANSWER.COM Provided by Sallie Mae, gives families, children and school counselors information on how to find scholarships and navigate the financial aid process.

SCHOLARSHIPS.COM Students can search for state, local, and national scholarships and can review results by deadline, dollar amount and more.

SCHOLARSHIP AMERICA Provides information on currently open scholarships based on their availability to the public or special-interest groups.

NEXT STUDENT Includes a directory of scholarships based on college majors, skills, interests, ethnic and racial background, religious affiliation and more.

PETERSON’S PAY FOR SCHOOL Provides a free, searchable scholarship and grant database.

NACAC FINANCIAL AID RESOURCES The National Association for College Admission Counseling provides a list of resources regarding how to pay for a college education, as well as links to
specific scholarships and scholarship databases.

INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION FINANCIAL AID Financial aid, college scholarship and grant information for U.S. and international students wishing to study abroad.

COLLEGESCHOLARSHIPS.ORG Allows’students and counselors to browse scholarships by category. Also provides resources regarding how to write scholarship essays and more.

FREE-4U.COM A national database of scholarship listings includes scholarship lists based on majors, religion, athletics, minorities, state, military, Greek life and more.

FASTWEB Includes tools to help students search for college scholarships by interest. Allows students to search, find and apply for scholarships.

FASTAID FREE SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH The largest and oldest private-sector scholarship database, with 20 years of
scholarship research, constantly updated.

COLLEGE BOARD SCHOLARSHIPS & AID Includes information on where the college scholarships are, how to apply
for scholarships, a free scholarship search engine.

CAREERONE STOP Scholarship search database of more than 5,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans and other financial aid opportunities.

SCHOLARSHIP EXPERTS Scholarship database that connects students to scholarship matches. The database is constantly updated.

SCHOLARSHIP PLUS Includes custom reports, rapid-entry tools and the ability to distribute scholarship information through the ScholarshipPlus tool.

SCHOLARSHIP STREET Provides online scholarship search, information on scholarship scams, as well as scholarship 101 classes.

SIMPLETUITION Allows students, parents and school counselors to search for private and federal student loans and to learn more about the loan and financial aid process.

STUDENT AID ON THE WEB Maintained by the federal government to provide information about federal student aid. Includes the 2009…,2010 federal student aid handbook for counselors.

WE MAGAZINE List of 100 grants, loans and scholarships for women.

ZINCH Online searchable scholarship database that connects students to a variety of scholarship opportunities. Includes a section for school counselors.

Now I love to share information and many of you probably do too. Some of your comments and suggestions prove that! If there is anything I can provide you as far as resources or ideas, please don’t hesitate to email me or submit a comment here! I have been on top of keeping you up to date on what i have available in past posts over the year. Check out my latest post on June 28 that shows a huge list of related posts I have for more scholarships available.

This is the time…

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