What does this mean?

Think about the letters of the alphabet (A-Z) containing 26 letters right? Well when you correspond each letter with a number, you get this:

A=1   B=2   C=3   D=4   E=5   F=6   G=7   H=8
I=9   J=10   K=11   L=12   M=13   N=14
O=15   P=16   Q=17   R=18   S=19   T=20
U=21   V=22   W=23   X=24   Y=25   Z=26

So…add the numbers that correspond with each letter, and look what you get! Pretty interesting huh?

K-11 N-14 O-15 W-23 L-12 E-5 D-4 G-7 E-5 = 96%

H-8 A-1 R-18 D-4 W-23 O-15 R-18 K-11= 98%

A-1 T-20 T-20 I-9 T-20 U-21 D-4 E-5 = 100%

Here’s attitude…

My dad made less money than you can even imagine, just shy of low-income for raising five boys in Midwestern Illinois. He went to work and came home. He did what he had to do to keep food on the table and clothes on our backs. Well, my oldest brother (Patrick: 12/63-2/05) and Mike had the clothes. And then we got them when we reached that size.

We made it work…

We just didn’t have it, or if we did, it wasn’t a lot.

Dad worked hard. He provided for us and did what he could and had to do. I honor and respect him fr that.

The Mother of ’em all…

But mom, had this sort of attitude that as I thin back right now while writing this, I can think of so many sacrifices she made of herself because of us, and because that was just what we had. She suffered just as much as any of us because she was the one we went to on everything. Problems, good things, bad things, whatever it was, we all went to Mom. She put up with it. She is not a physically, or even emotionally strong woman anyway. But to be able to split her lunch 3 ways to offer us a little more to eat (as kids), because we just didn’t have the money.

I remember seeing her walking down the street to the nearest gas station to get milk, or whatever we needed. I obviously picked her up…not knowing this was what she needed. I paid no attention, but her attitude was more about inconveniencing me!

Just situations and times like these that no matter how shitty she had it, and the unbelievable sacrifices she made, she still persevered. What I mean by this is that she trudged on and always maintained that solemn vow to love us and support us and sacrifice her entire self for us.

And that she did.

Her attitude…

Now her ATTITUDE here was different in a manner of sacrifice. When it comes to college and careers. Or your life in general, it does not have to be sacrifice. Mom was  not all motivating and happy, high energy (like me!!) all the time. She was tired. Up at 5am with dad and getting us all ready for school. (5 of us with 1 bathroom). Then by 9:30pm at night after all dishes are done and kitchen cleaned, she sat down to fold laundry. We never really helped. But she didn’t care. Not that she totally loved it, but she had this attitude of sacrifice and that is what she has been known for. That was her purpose.

With regard to our lives, this may sound familiar. It might you doing this now, or you may know someone who is like this. We all are blessed to have someone like this in our lives maybe, or to even be this type of person.  I like to think that my blogging experience and the amount of work I put in is like that sacrificial attitude. But think about this. Attitude is YOUR behavior in what you do, how you do it, and the passion or amount of work you put into it.

Society teaches us…

Attitude doesn’t JUST mean BAD or GOOD. Sure society had taught us, and many have come to accept this as a basic definition. But it’s HOW you put into what you do.

In my very first job as a sales rep., my attitude wasn’t always positive. BUT, I naturally have a strong work ethic. I’m creative and I like to always think outside the box. Here’s the key. Here’s where my attitude came into play. I like to share information. It’s just the way I am. I’ll never change. It’s a part of my personality.  Even in my profession I like to involve other people with what I’m doing, and why. I did that. I did it to the people who I needed to that mattered in my future within that company. well, they saw it and felt it. I moved from sales and inventory control to Purchasing. Then on to other marketing, manufacturing and sales jobs. Management (including the President of the company) wanted me to gain this experience because they felt that attitude I had. Sure some of my days sucked. I wasn’t all on top of things all the time. I suffered and struggled, but I showed that I could persevere through it, and just move on. There will be plenty of those experiences. But find a purpose and a way.

Do what you love helps you to build that attitude. Most managers, supervisors, principals bosses, business owners recognize attitude quicker that skills ad talent. Your attitude creates that mechanism for building your talents and skills. If they see your skills, they sometimes associate it with attitude.

It’s about having Hope…

You have two choices to make when you start your day:

You can either take things in the best and most positive way possible. Knowing things may not always work. But take it positive.

Or, you can take it negatively. When you do, you WILL struggle. Things don’t work out as well. You lose energy and you lose hope.

Don’t lose hope. Everyone gets it.

My Hope is that your successful. that you find your personal insides and see who you really are and why you are really here.

Your Success is My Success,


I’m a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Hope Chest. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college.

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