It’s a weekly thing…

for me every weekend (most of the time) for the past couple years that I drive down from Ft. Wayne to Westfield, IN to visit my mom who is under care at a nursing home. It’s always a good visit and I enjoy it. It’s a lot to drive all that distance every weekend for the past couple years. The drive gets mundane and boring, so I decided to try a new route. I really don’t even remember the road I was on…maybe State route 26?? in the middle of Indiana. I drove through the neatest town I’ve seen in a long time. I drive a lot and there are a lot of towns I’ve been through.

My new favorite town…

But Windfall, IN certainly caught attention at its quaint atmosphere, small-town environment and just how clean and neatly kept the entire town looked!

Every house was clean, remodeled or cared for completely. The lawns are kept with flowers and bushes and the everything else there is to have an “all-American” town. Windfall, IN caught my eye because it gave this sense of feeling as I drove through it.

There are hundreds of towns likes this throughout America, and the world right? I’m sure you all can enshrine upon those memorable drives , and stops in towns that you thought only existed in books.

Well as I drove out of Windfall, IN (and posting a fb update about it) I got to thinking how it would be neat to live in a town like this. I don’t know if I could personally last in a small town where it takes you miles away from the nearest (decent) grocery store or Walmart. But I did think about all those people who live there.

Where do they come from? Are they from Windfall? Have they moved here to town. Where do they work? What career do they have that they would live way out here??

There is no guarantee…

You just never know the outcome of where you will end up in life. Your interest in being a Pediatrician now might change to you owning a shop in a small town like this, or whatever life delivers you.

These residents of Windfall certainly work. They have to. These homes are too nice to live off Government. This is a town that people live and care for their own livelihood. You can see it in the way they act, or represent their living areas.

So what about you? Your career choice might not necessarily take you where you expected. When I graduated college, I sold my crappy Oldsmobile Cutlass for $2000 and rented a Uhaul, packed my stuff up and drove down to NC. My brother lived there at the time, and  stayed with him, then 8 more years in NC. I never knew I;’d end up where I am. I don’t plan it. I don’t expect it.

Where are you going to be? Who knows…

Many of you will be married, with children and that may limit your choices or chances. That’s okay, if you’re okay with it. I say live your life and have the willingness, as much as you can, to move and live in different places.

You just never know what you’re going to get.

Experience your life and live it. Find that passion and live for the moment. See the world through your window and find these kinds of towns. It will be nice to look back on all that you’ve accomplished and one in life. It makes old age more enjoyable.

No worries…

Don’t worry about the amount of money you’re going to make. You will make money. You will be successful, as long as you find a career/job that fits you. It may take you to the middle of nowhere, North Dakota for a year or two, but that’s okay. Take advantage of those opportunities because that will benefit you in the future.

Trust me, the more movable you are. The more willing you are to moving to different areas of the country, or even world, the more opportunities you will have. Bosses and companies and supervisors notice this and provide you with opportunities that help you grow.

Your pieces of the puzzle of life will come together. But take charge of your own destiny and be who you want to be, and use your skills and talents.

Make a list of what you enjoy in life.

Make another list of what you are good at…your skills and natural talents.

Make a list of personality traits that you have. Check out a previous post I entered regarding personality assessment surveys. This can give you a direction, and a start. Start from there. take one step at a time.

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