Its May.

I’m betting most of you are ready to get out of high school right? Well, you’re obviously not far from graduation for most of you. The excitement is building. The anticipation for what will be. The anxiety for what if, what happens when.

As exciting as this and your need for some relaxation this summer surely will follow, but there is something that you must do first, if you haven’t: Making sure you actually have money to pay for college!

Here’s the deal…at this point, if you’re planning to attend college in the Fall ’10, then you may have already figured out (or your parents have). If not, there is still time.

Not a lot of time because at this point of the year most financial aid from the government, special/private loans and work-study may have already been allocated.

You might be in luck…might…

Because there are surprisingly millions of dollars in scholarships that goo unclaimed. For the past couple posts so far, I’ve been providing you all with different scholarships that I found quite legitimate due to my visits, as well diverse in its target audience.

Want to know more about the premiere Rhodes Scholarship requirements?

Want to work in Washington DC?

Studying to be a Paralegal?

Do you live in Texas? Like Science?

These scholarships below are  what I found at The University of Texas, Pan American website that are unique and specific to the list above, and then some. Usually I advocate through the year, take advantage of applying for scholarships. I always post different weird and crazy scholarships as well and most of you love seeing that.

But these scholarships focus on specific things. As you look through the list, you will get the idea. Check it out and get back to me with any questions or comments!

Scholarships for Study in Paralegal Studies
Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities
INROADS internships
ACT-SO aEURoeOlympics or the “Mind” Scholarships
Black Alliance for Educational Options
ScienceNet Scholarship Listing
Graduate Fellowships for Minorities Nationwide
American Council of the Blind
American institute of Architects
Mercedes –Benz USA
Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford
First Data Western Union Foundation
Carpe Diem Foundation
Desk and Derrick Club of Dallas Scholarships
Live.Learn.Intern Washington D.C. internship opportunities
The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity
Texas Space Grant Fellowship and Scholarship opportunities
USAf Funds Access to Education
The Roothbert Scholarship Fund

There are literally millions and millions of dollars worth of scholarships available. Your focus is to see which ones you are qualified for, and

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So here I am willing to help you. Please seek my advice anytime.

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