Lately I have encountered a huge amount of young people in high schools dreading final exams. What else is new right? lol Been there…done that. Don’t want it no more!!

Many of them (you guys) even seniors that are pretty nervous about these exams coming up and maybe even whether you can actually graduate… I’m sure not, but if so, this is the time. Whether you’re a senior or not, you are in this and have to do it. So  final exam time is it and will determine that.

This is it baby, you’re living it…

Some of you are in this predicament now aren’t you? Mid-terms may have just ended and you’re not quite where you need to be grade-wise? Maybe? Grades are important because almost every college requires transcripts. Those transcripts show all of your grades for each subject in high school, thus illustrating your academic performance. People that look at these transcripts have seen hundreds, maybe thousands of transcripts and know what to look for and what kind of student you are, simply based on your grades.

They are important. Take it from me, I’m not one that was ever a big fan of grades, or classes. Just ask my old Spanish teacher from Eastern Illinois University. Actually she’s probably retired by now.

But, grades are important no matter what. For those of you in college. You know why. That C grade can bring your cumulative GPA down to a low-level, and its very difficult to get it up. Those of you in high school, these grades you get help you to get into the school you want or hope.

Now knowing that I thought about the influx of exams you all about to or are currently undertaking. I started checking out some sites that provide tips and pointers on how to study and better study habits for you. I agree with a lot of this because I used to do it, and it helped me

PS-I love this graphic above. I got it from Google images, but the site is at if you want to check it out.

It’s just so hard…

Some of you may struggle with how to study, or how to organize. Many of you have ADD or ADHD and it is so impossible to actually sit down and focus, concentrate without doing 15 other things at the same time.

Maybe its just that you really don’t know how or in what way to study properly for big tests like exams. I’ve heard this and wanted to provide you all with some sites that I checked out that I thought to be quite helpful for all of you in providing some tips on studying for different exams. Many of these provide some pretty nice study habits as well that can lead you to easier studying in college.

Tip #1…

This site provides you with some tips and steps to take in studying properly. Making it easier and simpler for you to comprehend what you’re studying. Many times it is the mere thought of the amount of studying you have to do that causes procrastination (definition). You need to read some of these posts and articles on this site to get a full understanding. It’s not a lot of reading, but concentrate on what these individuals say. It’s a great return on your investment, trust me.

Tip #2:

This site provides tips and strategies on HOW you can study better. You take a pretty neat test first and then you can venture on to any of the links provided. This site is cool because it focuses specifically on issues that you might have like memorizing strategies, “best practices” on study habits, and a specific system on HOW you can study.

Tip #3:

This site provides you with ways to motivate yourself to study. Most of us hate it and procrastinate as much as possible, but this site provides some nice tips and motivating ways for you to stay on task when studying. There is a link on here to the left “Taking Tests” that offers tips on studying for ACT tests. But I would say most of these tips are quite beneficial for you in studying for anything!

Tip #4:

This site had some pretty cool information on making studying easier for you. This site is a little more general in terms of tactics you can use to make studying easier and quicker. I liked it and recommend it because of some of the tips I’ve used when I studied.

Last but not least…

Do any of you have 3-4 exams in one day or over just a couple of days? Sounds impossible right? It might be a little difficult, that’s for sure, but approach every one of your teachers and ask them for some sort of compromise when it comes to taking your exam in order to separate them. Let your teachers know too that your asking each of your teachers, and provide their names. That teacher will then understand that your serious about this, and not just getting out of extra long studying.

But first things first…

Before approaching these steps above and utilizing these sites, you need to one thing first: think about your current academic situation and if you’re struggling in a class, or classes right now, you should FIRST ask to discuss this with your teacher. If you have not done so already, explain to them where you stand and that you might need some tutoring assistance to get you through. If it’s not too late, they usually appreciate that you took the initiative to approach them. They recognize the fact that you are aware of your situation.

You should actually be doing this through the year anyway. I got out of so many sticky situations with grades, but my relationship with the teacher was solid. They knew where I stood, and where I fell short with regard to any course material,, assignments, or skills required to succeed in the class. So, knowing that they had a little more respect for me and appreciated the fact that I was aware of this. They took that into consideration when they moved my grade from a C+ to B. 🙂 It can happen to you.

Your Success is My Success,


Keith Lipke is a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Hope Chest. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people along their journey who need it upon their search for the right career.

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