Okay, okay maybe not an alcoholic, but if any of you know someone or heard of how most alcoholics or addicts go through their own recovery process its a very difficult decision to make, but once made leads to greater possibilities. One of those steps they have to take to carry them on their journey of recovery is to admit that they have a problem.

Is this any different with your college or career decision-making?

Do you fear the fact that you have to make this kind of decision? For some of you, actually deciding that you have to get a degree in something may be the toughest decision you’ve had to make. For many of you having to decide something like this just hasn’t been there. Mom and dad have taken care of so much for you. Now it’s time for you to actually decide on your future.

For some of you this is a tough decision. But it doesn’t have to be decided all at once. Taking certain steps provides a means for you to make the right decision and surprise yourself eventually when you see yourself celebrating those decisions. Now, those of you in high school can relate to these feelings. For those of you adults that are currently working, tied down, busy and life just has you wrapped up, consider this decision like you’re admitting to your problem.

Your problems is that you haven’t been back or to college at all. Now, making the choice to go to college is the toughest part, but once you make it and agree that college and attaining a degree is the way to succeed, then things fall into place.

You begin to “grow chest hairs.” So to speak…lol. Your maturing. You are taking control of your life and empowering your ability to realize your needs, skills and talents to succeed in any career you choose.

It’s a tough decision, For many its easy because that’s what you expected and anticipated. I would say more of you probably know this. But what can you do to prepare? What is it that can help you to further your decision-making, and now venture to actually WHAT you want to do.

It starts with 3 steps…

I posted a lot of articles in the past on HOW people can choose different careers. Here are a few of them that you might want to consider reading, even before moving on with this article. Either way, it’s my own feelings and beliefs and my goal to share what I know and have experienced myself. I truly believe that taking steps to making decisions is important for you to make the RIGHT choices.

1. Step 1: Finding your Interests!

2. Step 2: Knowing what you’re good at

3. Step 3: Matching your personalities with a job!

I also just posted a recent article that lists many hot jobs that are out there and hiring. I also researched the BLS.GOV site for most of this and focuses on those careers that are hiring and how they’ve changed and/or grown.

Life requires you to make decisions. If you had a blank check to buy a new car, would you just choose one car immediately? Or would you want to shop around a little and get your best choice? That’s a fun decision to make. 🙂 In this transition from high school to college, or home/work to college it’s important to have enough information.

Have 3 things to choose from…

Explore all your options. Check everything out. Whether it be college, or careers, jobs or girlfriends/boyfriends, try a few of them out first. Don’t just stick to one! No matter what kind of decision I make in life, I always exercise the option to have 3 options. I worked in Purchasing one time at a pharmaceutical company. I bought raw materials for products that the company was making. Whenever I was searching for new vendors to supply products or services to us, I would look at 3 different companies. I learned the hard way a couple of times that going with just one may screw you in the end.

Have choices and get the information you need. Get more information than you need. Whether it be career information and statistics from or 3 different colleges for you to choose from. Always have a few choices.

PS- I would necessarily use this option on the girlfriend/boyfriend thing. I was just joking about that. Unless you want to…lol.

Do the research…

I know that word somehow seems to leave a bad taste in individuals mouths. But the research you do on careers, college, finances, scholarships always finds its way to you. As you begin to gather information and study what you need to in order to make the best decision, get the research on what you need. Make a list of questions or needs you have first. Fear and uncertainty is the biggest deterrent for many people to do what they want, or need in life.

Using the research just backs up your awesome decisions! Knowing what you want and looking for it is enough research. Once the research is made, the next step is to take action. Call people in the industry and ask them about it. Write out your needs and interests. Make a list of concerns or positive things you’re looking for that would attract you to that certain college or career. I always tell you to WRITE things down because I truly believe that when you write something down, you tend to remember it and focus on it a little more. Your clear understanding is the result of the research you do.

Making these decisions will prepare you for a lifetime of tough ones and fun ones. Easy ones and sad ones. But in all these you take lessons. Life lessons. Lessons that you learn from the good, the bad and the ugly of whatever comes your way.

But every one of you is endowed with the greatness of whatever God bestows upon you. Take that and be it.

My Success is Your Success,

Keith Lipke

Keith Lipke is a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Hope Chest. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people along their journey who need it upon their search for the right career.

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