This isn’t my original idea here, but when I read this post, I thought how cool it’d be to have the ability to go to one of these cities for college! Now, many of you may live in one of these cities, or been or lived at one point, in one of these cities. If so, please share some cool (and safe) places people can go while in that town or attending college. published a great article today about ten of the coolest towns for college students to be in. It provides some awesome reasons as to why you should be in that town. They aren’t in any specific order, but I gave the same list below and provided my own thoughts and views on these towns. I totally agree with on this list. Now, those of you that have a town or city that you loved while in college, or a town you will be in and would like information about that, please respond back to this post and I can provide whatever I can.

Check it out. Some of you are going there, or already live in one of these towns. If so, woooohoooo!!

Some of you probably are planning to visit, or live in this city. If so take heed to some ideas and advice.

For those of you that won’t be in any of these cities during college, that’s okay. There are thousands of other towns and cities that you will enjoy being in.

No matter what town you are in, whenever there are college students its bound to be fun and adventurous!

But, check these pretty col towns out and the colleges that reside there, plus my views (if any) on any of these.

Boston, MA- I’ve been to Boston once. Too busy for me and  too many mean/in-your-face people. Not my cup ‘o tea. For you, if you like that, Boston is generally a great town. It’s so popular and well-known that you can find anything about it.

Santa Cruz, California I like this area, but what is nice is that there are so much to do from within an hour of town! California is beautiful and the northern part is full of great opportunities. Especially if you’re considering degrees or careers that take you near the ocean.

Washington, D.C.- This is one of my favorite cities in the US because I’m so interested in history, how things occurred and happened, as well as politics in general. If you’re considering Law, politics, History, this might be the city for you. But, I like it because of the historical landmarks, monuments, etc. that entertains and attracts so many people. D.C. is a great place to have fun too. The social atmosphere never ends and especially King street in Alexandria, Va, just minutes from DC. Take the train. A bunch of restaurants, bars and clubs up and down king Street and thereabouts.

Pittsburgh, PA The company I work for headquarters in Pittsburgh. It’s not too bad of a town. I like it because it is kind of smaller in size, but there are a lot of things that are always occurring in Pittsburgh. If you like rivers, you;d like Pittsburgh! Check out Mt Washington as well. And The Art Institutes! Good shopping. Good coffee and food and bars.

New York, NY– I don’t know what to say about this city. If you don’t know about it, you probably should not be here. Of course most know that NY is a fairly large city. I’ve been to New York a few times and it’s too much for me. I’m not a huge big city guy so this is a little biased, but I think if you were to be in New York for school, you should really go for it. New York offers so many more opportunities for you after college as well if you are willing to take that leap. My cousin Stephan lived in Wisconsin, then moved out to Hollywood to pursue his acting career.

Boulder, Colorado Never been to Boulder, but have been to Colorado. If you like skiing, you’ll love Boulder.

Madison, Wisconsin I’ve been to Madison and the University system in Wisconsin is pretty awesome. Quality education and everyone has said this about Wisconsin Universities. Madison is a great town and the UW Madison is huge so there is definitely plenty to do. If you like big campuses, then this might be a good fit.

Middlebury, Vermont– Never been to Middlebury, or even Vermont for that matter. I would love to come to Vermont sometime. There isn’t much happening there.

Portland, Oregon I love Portland! The bars, the food, the river that runs through it… Oregon is an awesome state and you’re not far from Mt. St. Helen, the Cascades and the ocean! So much opportunity, but quite a bit of rain, so bring an umby and raincoat. I used to go to downtown Portland and chill at this piano restaurant at the old Union Station. I don’t know if it’s still there, but check it out if you’re there. I think I want to be buried in the pacific northwest.

Chapel Hill, NC Yes a reputable area and town…Chapel Hill. This area is rich for technology as it’s right near The Research Triangle Park (Raleigh/Durham, NC). I lived an hour and a half from there in Greensboro, and I would recommend ANYONE to move to North Carolina or South Carolina, A beautiful state, and Chapel Hill is only an hour from the ocean and few hours from mountains! You get the best of both worlds here. Plus the education in NC colleges and universities (I believe) is far above anything else. Most colleges and universities. Some do suck but that’s in every state.

Of course, this is just a starter list. As I hear and find out more information about other towns, I will certainly keep you all posted! I’d love a job where I can travel to colleges and universities and rank them. Develop a serious system in which  can provide you with all the necessities of college life and living.

Let me know!

What towns and cities do you like? Why? What’s so cool about them? Let me know anytime as I’d love to share with other readers.

My Success is Your Success,

Keith Lipke


Keith Lipke is a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at The Hope Chest. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people along their journey who need it upon their search for the right career.