I don’t know what I want to do…

I’m not good at anything…

I don’t know what I’m good at…

Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve thought it, said it, or heard it from someone else.

…my job as a college recruiter requires certain skills and talents that I would never had without the amount of experience I gained in college and previous jobs.

I call them soft skills and hard skills…

See full size image  Soft skills are those skills and abilities that you already have and leave as is, or enhance them to make them better. These skills are also the type of skills that are an ingredient in the overall work that you’re doing. For my job, this might be something like personality, the ability to listen and communicate, organization and time management, etc.

 See full size image  Hard skills are those types of skills that a lot of times are taught on the job. Specific things that you should learn in order to do the job. I must have certain skills in public speaking, presentation and organization in order for me to do my job well. Hard skills are those skills needed in order to do your job or work.

…every year, before I start out visiting high schools, giving my classroom career presentations, I always think about the spontaneity of the job, and think about if I can take an entire year of not knowing one day from the next. Will I be strong enough to give my presentation each time like it’s the first time? Even though some kids are sleeping, writing notes, texting (even though it’s not allowed…lol to that).

Do I have it in me to handle another year?

Of course I do, but it takes a lot of passion to persevere. I actually only think about that for a few seconds, but it comes up throughout the year, Especially those times that are rough.

…those days where the day would just never end and I wanted to sink, but I had 4 more hours worth of work to do.

I kept going. I recharged and wake up every day thinking how lucky I am to have the college education to get the degree to get the experience and opportunities to establish my talents and skills, to eventually do something that truly fits me.

Now, for those of you that are degree-less, that’s my goal…to get you that degree to earn the money and professional success YOU deserve.

So let’s start…


…now, take a look at this picture.  I meditate for a little bit here and just clear my mind of anything and everything for the purpose of realizing this upcoming year’s experience of seeing variety , diversity and complexity of so many young people.

A look at these rocks is representative of the tremendous amount of diversity in all of us, no matter the size, shape or color. These rocks represent us. They represent you and the people you encounter every day. No matter who you come into contact that day, for whatever reason. Your attitude and how you look at people should begin with the first choice you make when you wake up and get ready for the day. That choice should be to approach every situation (good and bad) with a clear head and to approach them in the most positive way you can.  Doing the best you can is all that is asked.

But, think about these rocks.  Look at them.  See differences? Different shapes and colors and styles, specs, no spec…red, purple, Black, onyx…whatever that is. 🙂  These represent all the different kinds of people you will encounter in your lifetime. Many of them several times.  People will walk in and out of your life…some stay, most really don’t.  Don’t take it personally, but life is a full of encounters like this.

How do you measure up to that?  How do you get along with people?  Do you judge them? Are you the kind of person that gets along with anyone and everyone?  Think about the number of people who you know really good.  How many are there?  How about the number of people who you know as acquaintances, or sort-of friends…you know you talk to them sometimes in class or wherever, but that’s about it. Not everyone is like this where it comes easy to get along with people.

But if you are not like this. Your introverted, bashful, shy or don’t really like to engage with people, that’s okay. There are jobs for you! Just know that is who you are. However, like this picture above, you will inevitably run into such a variety of rocks that you won’t be able to escape it.

The more variety that you have in your life, the more colorful and understanding you are among so many people and within so many situations. Your daily interactions, activities, good things and bad things occur but you handle them in the best way possible.  And here’s the thing…this comes easy to you!


Every day is easier. You get along with teachers and family a lot better. Homework seems no big deal to handle.  Class time doesn’t seem that long and all of a sudden your better prepared. More mature and ready to take on whatever you need to. The best part of it all?  You won’t make as many mistakes.

You hate to make mistakes and want everything to run smoothly.  It won’t unless you have your head in the game. Life is a mixed bag of everything. Chances are, you will stick your hand in many times.

My next few posts will be a direct focus on 3 areas of concentration regarding choosing the right careers, jobs or future work opportunities.

My Success is Your Success,

Keith Lipke

  Keith Lipke is a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at     The Hope Chest. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college.