See full size imageThe websites below are legitimate scholarship sites that you can access to apply for scholarships. No matter what your grades are, level of experience or the type of degree your attaining, or college you plan to attend, there’s a scholarship for everyone.

See full size imageBillions of dollars are available in scholarship opportunities, but just a portion of it is actually awarded per year. The biggest reason is that not enough apply.

See full size imageCome back again for a step by step guide on tips and tricks for applying for the best scholarships, in the best way. I’ll provide you with some great clues on what to look for in scholarships and how to apply in order to get the best results.

Take a look at these sites. I went through them myself and found them to be legitimate and pretty comprehensive.

See full size imageSome of these sites require you to create a profile and have a USERNAME and PASSWORD. Use the same username and password for all profiles your creating. These profile websites are great because they look for the scholarships for you, and send you email updates on new scholarships that are announced and deadline dates. – aid and resources for re-entry students – federal scholarships aid gateways and 25 scholarship gateways – will match your profile against thousands of available scholarships – part of the collegiate network and lists more than 500,000 awards – offers a database with over 2,300 sources of funding – offers free scholarship searches – provides scholarship searches and personalized scholarship application assistance – another free online scholarship search engine – has over 600,000 scholarships with over 8,000 funding sources – will match profile against thousands of scholarships throughout the year – says they are the oldest and largest free scholarship search engines – maintains database of scholarships for Hispanic students – offers free scholarship search, student loans and loan counseling – free online search engine of thousands of scholarships available – another free scholarship search engine – contains both U.S. and Canadian scholarship databases – another substantial free scholarship search engine

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