…from what you truly WANT to do in life.

…from your true destiny.

…from the job that would fulfill you or make you WANT to go to work

…from that awesome career, or that boss looking for the perfect person to work for him/her.

…from that HIDDEN TALENT that you have that may not have surfaced yet. It takes trial by error to allow it to surface. Like a pimple 🙂

…from your dream job.

…from that skill that you know you have, but everyone tries to steer you in another direction.

…from the opportunity to just take a chance.

…from a CAREER that fits your personality.

…from a CAREER that fits your likes (and dislikes…not).

…from your PASSION, INSPIRATION, and PURPOSE in life.

…from something that will be a contribution that YOU want to make in life.

To do all this is a little work. Work that requires all of you to focus on you. You can be a contributing force in all you put your heart and mind into. Follow your passion and what simply fits you.

You may not find that perfect job right away, or for a long time. But have fun while finding it.

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We’re all in this together.

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Keith Lipke is a careers and college recruiter, coach, mentor and blogger at the hope chest. His passion is to educate, inspire, and give hope to young people who need it upon their search for the right career and college.