We all have them, don’t we?

We have more of them than we can ever imagine and will ever experience. In fact, the number of choices we have in life far exceeds our ability to tackle them all. So why not make the best of the decisions we have the opportunity to make?

Four years ago when I started as a college recruiter I was GIVEN one of these choices. I was given a choice to make the most of my talents in public speaking and personal development.  To use them ability. Well, what I know is how to help young people make the right choices in life to start. What I’m good at is communicating this in a creative, motivating and colorful way.

For four years now I have done just that. Built my knowledge base, added to my resource library, and guided people along their journey of career choices and future endeavors. But in all this I have always advocated the opportunity to network!

Meeting people and organizations in person or electronically and putting your name out, the best form of networking available. I found that the more you research and subscribe yourself to that industry of interest, the more opportunities and choices offered to you.

I like to research a lot to become more educated so that I can carry this on to other people with whom I meet. In this research, I’m a search-and-pecker…I like to read and click, read and click, etc. There is this blog site that I found that gives such an awesome opportunity to find such random and up to date stories and articles, blog posts and good bits of information.

This site, from The Young Professionals Blog Aggregator is a site that provides a huge variety of stuff that you can use in your journey.

The Young Professionals Aggregator is a site that allows YOU to exercise all your choices. It’s important in any field or industry that you enter, or work in, to envelope yourself in that field and work.

Feel the passion.

Live the moments and celebrate your successes. The Young Professionals Blog site ( allows you to find all that you want in any field or topic of interest that you might have. Thus helping you to build that knowledge base, fulfill your passion, and find our success path. I’ve found in the past few weeks how helpful has been.

Many things are fun to read. Most that I find and click on are very relatable to what I do. I know you can find this as well.

My own recent experience from this site has caused me to write about it. The purpose of the blessings that I have is to share them on to other people. Or at least educate about what I know, to develop them. I care about your interests and passion much more than you know.

I found my gift, and blessed with the ability to spread that talent on to other people. My sole purpose is to give you the best of the best, the way I see it. That’s what this site is all about! is one of those resources that anyone can become quickly accustomed to, merely because of its variety.

Sure, the name “Young Professionals” might give a sense that it’s just for maybe people under 30, but not so. I found so many blogs that I read that tailor all age groups and backgrounds. You will definitely find something of interest in this.

Where as in some sites, you have to search and do a little work. With, I even found it quite easy to access.

Imagine walking into one of your favorite stores. You were given a credit to spend whatever you want. You have the world at your hands don’t you!!?? Imagine walking through the isles, the racks, shelves…so many opportunities. Checking out everything, grabbing anything. Possibilities endless! Shopping is kind of like that shopping spree of information!  It provides specific up to date news and information in such a variety of issues and topics that interest you.

We have such a variety of choices and no excuse to exercise most of them. The opportunities are endless and proves just that.

I love what I do. In fact I can’t imagine doing anything else. Sometimes I wonder why I receive a paycheck. I have passion for what I do and the best part about it is that I can continue to grow that passion and lead others. When it comes to your own career choice, and your professional livelihood, passion is the fashion!

Start Your Journey,

Keith Lipke