A grim job outlook and an increase in unemployment now require college students to do everything they can to ensure greater job security once they graduate. Fortunately, students have four months to strategize how they’re going to get a job.
Typically, the best bet is to intern as much as possible during summer and winter breaks.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers discovered that employers are increasingly using internship programs to identify potential employees. In fact, nearly 70% of interns receive job offers from internship employers. Undergrad interns on average make over $17 per hour once hired while Graduate interns can make over $25 per hour! Landing an internship could land you a job down the line!

Of course, you can’t get an internship unless you’re getting a degree! Use our search feature to search for school and degree programs and to receive information from your choice schools. With a degree and an internship under your belt, you’ll be a star in the job market!