Yep, that’s right. Back in the day they wanted to know all about your skills and grades and the school you attended…that’s it. That was the basis for hiring.

Not anymore. Now its all about YOU in the interview. YOU deep down inside, personal beliefs, values, interests and characterization. Hiring personnel want to see your character and personality in an interview, and that will win them over!

I always tell young people when they are searching for careers, that it’s important to understand their own interests and how they relate to their individual personality. Check out http://wp.me/pAKTs-2I to really understand how.

Basically it’s important that you find a career/job that fits your personality. I know easier than said, but if you check out this post http://wp.me/pAKTs-2I you’ll see that its nice and easy.

But, what’s nice is that people skills is actually ranked as the way to win over the jobs.

I read an article and it showed a survey done by Accountemps (www.accountemps.com) of 1,400 chief financial officers. This survey actually stated that 30% of respondents ranked People Skills as the most valued skill. People Skills! If you get along with people and can manage them, you have excelled yourself into the job market that much more.

But understand yourself first. That way when you brag about your people skills at your next job interview, then you can explain the kinds of characteristics or personality traits that you attain to make you that way. That would be more impressive to the interviewer than any discussion on colleges and grades. It’s not that grades and degrees are not important because they are. They weigh in, in any situation when applying for new jobs.

But the more your on the interview, the more you will see how much they wannt to know about WHO you are, not WHAT you’ve done or been.

Try it out. Brag about yourself. 🙂

I’d love to help you,

Keith Lipke