This article from addresses the experience of attaining a degree online. Online education works with certain degrees, and while I’m supportive of you getting your degree, make sure you investigate all avenues of colleges and universities, to find the environment that fits you.

If your life takes you in a direction where you need to consider studying and doing more work from home, do it. Explore online education. But don’t make this choice because it’d be easier, and cooler to work from home. Believe me, I did it a few times in attaining my Master’s Degree and yes while studying and being “in class” electronically in your jammies is cool, it’s still tough and a lot of work.

Stay tuned for a post on the differences between different higher education institutions.

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One of the hot trends in education right now is earning your degree online. Not only does an online degree give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, it also opens up higher education to more people than ever before.
But how does the online experience compare to one in a classroom?

You Set the Agenda

With the freedom an online education allows, you set the agenda of your own education. You set the pace on whether you earn your degree sooner or later, and setting your own schedule when it comes to choosing classes. As a result, you also have more responsibility to complete your degree. Being focused and committed is a must.

Practical Experience

Many instructors and fellow students, and perhaps yourself, are already working in the field you’re studying. By drawing on real-world experience, you can learn how to apply these skills in real-life situations, not just in a textbook. Learn something new tonight and use it tomorrow!

More Bang for the Buck

Getting your degree online will also soothe your financial concerns. Tuition is generally lower online, and since you set your own pace, you can pay for the classes you can afford. Plus, you can take advantage of financial aid and tax credits available to students to save on school expenses.

With online education as the hot, new trend, start your search now for online schools and degree programs that will launch your academic career!