Okay, sometime how, at some point maybe for a very, very short moment, or for a while you knew that eventually you’d have to release the umbilical cord from mom and dad.  This is your moment. Your senior year allows you the opportunity to start making decisions for yourself. I know senioritis settles in guys.

It is tough to get through another day of high school. But, just think, these next 8 months will determine the rest of your life.

You know the saying, what you put into something, you will get out?  Well, these next 8 months are a crucial time for you to develop a plan of action in which you can accomplish several things:

*high school grades/involvement/completion and graduation

*career selection ( remember 2-3 choices 🙂 )

*college selection

*your five year plan

Don’t blow this off. Don’t wait until break, or summertime.  Make these plans now and don’t let mom and dad do it for you, because your going to be the one who has to experience the consequences.

Keith Lipke, The Hope Chest