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Although having a tuition lock in is a great idea and might work for a lot of you, please don’t let that be a deciding factor for you.  Don’t choose a career or degree just because your attending that school.

Every year it arrives like clockwork: the annual tuition increase. According to FinAid.org, colleges and universities typically increase their tuition rates by eight percent each year. In four years, that can add up to thousands of dollars of added cost for the same degree! Thankfully, some colleges are offering lock-in programs to freshman students that allow them to pay the same price all four years without the worry of a tuition hike. That could mean saving thousands of dollars from annual tuition increases each year! For parents with a long-term perspective, some 529 college savings plans offered by states allow parents to pre-pay today’s tuition rates instead of higher rates when their children attend school. Plan early and you can avoid paying double of what tuition is today! Stop holding off earning your degree because you think you can’t afford school. By planning ahead, you can be shedding thousands off tuition prices! Start your search now for schools and degree programs knowing it’s possible to achieve your goals!