Okay, part 3 is crucial for you to understand. Imagine if you are a talkative person who loves being around people. Well, let’s say you hear that being an Accountant or Engineer pays good money, but in those jobs you might be required to work on your own and always doing the same kind of work.  That doesn’t fit your talkative people-person personality, does it?

That’s the goal with this section.

Take a look at each color below and measure your own personality.  In fact, you cna count up the number of personality traits that you have. The color that you have the most traits, then will lead you down the journey to finding specific careers that would suit your personality.

In other words, let’s say your a Green personality. Well, then you would probably be more suited to work in technical careers, maybe CADD, drafting, computer technology, architecture, accounting, etc.  Careers that fit around that personality color.

You certainly can choose more than 1 color.  If you do, that makes you that much more marketable for various careers and jobs.

If you recognize personality traits under every color, that’s fine.  Just know what those traits mean, and be able to explain how you have that trait.

Find the career that fits your personality type!

    RED                          GOLD                          BLUE                   GREEN

Professional                   Practical                  Compassionate            Calm   Adventurer                     Serious                      Helpful                        Cool        Competitive                 Responsible               Courteous                Collected   Freedom                       Prepared                  Imaginative             Conceptual  Spontaneous              Observant                Enthusiastic             Troubleshooter      Cleverness                   Eye-for detail        Detail oriented            Introverted Problem Solvers          Analytical                Dreamer                Detail oriented Witty                     Good decision maker     Encourager          Task oriented      Eager                     Follows the rules           Confident                  Thinkers Outgoing                  Confident              Relationship builders    Intellectual Creative                     Disciplined              Be there for people           Inventive

#____                        #____                          #____                  #____


So, below is a list of potential careers/jobs that go along with each of the colors above. Remember, this is just a resource.  Not every job is listed.  Its a guide for you.  If you want more specifics, post your comments.

Red personality types are good at:  Business Administration, Marketing, Graphic design, Advertising, Consulting, Sales, Customer Service, Retail, Human Resources, etc.

Gold personality types are good at:  Law, Law Enforcement, Forensics, Private Investigating, Paralegal, Criminal Investigators, Government, Judicial System, etc.

Blue personality types are good at: Nursing, Education, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Technology, Psychology, Social Work, Guidance Counseling, Teaching, etc.

Green personality types are good at: Computer Tech, Programming, Engineering, Accounting, Archeology, CADD, Web Development, Helpdesk Operations, System Support, etc.