Hope“Success is a state of mind.
If you want success, start thinking
of yourself as a success.”
– Dr. Joyce Brothers

My day was enriched and renewed once again when I met two high school aged students at my mom’s nursing home in Westfield, Indiana.  I go to visit mom every weekend as much as I can, and many times I find volunteers helping in activities with residents.

Today I met two young people, Kimmy and Matt who both attend high school Kimmy at Fishers HS and Matt at Westfield HS.  These young people spent approximately 4 hours, playing Bingo with residents, talking them for walks outside, sitting with them, keeping them company and giving them company.

Pretty tite right?  Damn skippy it is.

Kudos to Kimmy and Matt for taking their own Saturday afternoon to volunteer.  I asked them. There was nothing for them getting anything out of this. Kimmy told me she likes to help people, and doesn’t even think of healthcare in her future.

Matt is a part of a program called Service Leadership at Westfield HS.  He was selected to provide service. But he did more than that. He gave John and Gale (two residents) an afternoon of joy and happiness that they will carry with them for several days. If your at all familiar with a nursing home…they don’t have much, that;s for sure.

But Matt and Kimmy provided 4 hours of free time, for no payment, no pat on the back…just because it’s the right thing to do.

I know there are thousands of teens that do this and expect and get nothing in return. I’d love to hear your story. Reply to this post with your story.

This is such an opportunity for YOU to think about what you are giving? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve really needed something, or somebody in my life in desperate situations. Certainly not to the level of these residents, but I believe that what you give, will come back in other ways.

It doesn’t have to be a lot, but what do you give?  It’s not all about you, so start thinking of what you can do, with whom and for what reason?

I was truly impressed with Matt and Kimmy’s intentions today and am confident that they have an angel always in their midst.  Matt, Kimmy, and all the teens that volunteer their time…you are the best of the best…no matter what.


Keith Lipke, The Hope Chest