Now that you’ve successfully completed Part 1 @  The 2nd step of this 4 part series is now looking at the skills and talents that you all have.  This next step will take you closer to choosing careers that fit you so well & will make you financially and professionally successful!

President Barack Obama said during his education speech that “Every single one of you has something that you’re good at. Every single one of you has something to offer.”

It is your job to figure out what your good at, but here’s how I can help:

You‘ve all heard the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” In this section, I want you to sweat the small stuff. Brag about yourself here! Think about those little things that make you who you are today.

Think about those skills that you have. Don’t relate these skills to anything specific but be open-minded and think outside that box.

Do not tie this to a specific job or career, think about your skills and talents in general because that will help you to draw your own pathway and start your journey to professional success, financial awesomeness and personal fulfillment!

What are you good at?

Think about those things you do at school, at home or work and even with your friends.

***This can be difficult. You ALL have many skills and talents but may not realize them quite yet at your age. You will realize so many more skills and talents as you advance in whatever you set out to do. The skills and talents are important factors in you becoming an expert in something.

***Realizing your skills and talents will give you more opportunities to travel, make great money and actually liking your job.

Think about your whole week.
Pick a day that was very productive for you.

Next point out the accomplishments or neat things you did that day.

Then think about how and why you were able to accomplish this. Even the smallest task. What were the skills, or talents that helped you?  


What have you heard?

Has mom, dad or even a teacher said, “You know, you talk a lot?” Or, “You really like to argue your side, don’t you?” I’ve heard and even said it to so many people who these are the types of skills that make the best lawyers, salespeople and business owners and what many say is the reason for their success.

What are you good at in school? Think about things in class that you like or get good grades at, activities that your involved in and what kinds of things do you always happen to do in these activities.

Maybe you are always the designer on the computer, making the fliers or invites, doing the artistic stuff. Why? Why do you always do these things? You’re good at it right?

Maybe you’re always the organizer, the team captain, the one that leads. Why? Why do people listen to you or look to you as the team leader? There are certain skills you have that are the reason. Think about those.



You all have so much going on, and writing this stuff down will save you so much unnecessary trouble and stress. Show your notes to someone if you need advice.

Please respond to this post and tell me what you think.  Also, don’t forget to visit www.bls.govfor more info on career options and definitions.

Keith, The Hope Chest