This is the time of year to start researching for potential scholarships out there. One of the most common misconceptions I hear a lot from young people (even adults that go back to school!) is that they don’t have any money or ways of financing for school.  There’s always a way.

Yes you might have to take out loans to finance some of your school, but who hasn’t?  Ask anyone that has attended college for more than 2 years about any loans they took out. Big chances are they have, and they paid them back without too much trouble.

So it might be something you can’t avoid.  But let’s try to.  Below is a list of scholarship wesbites that I put together based on opportunities it provides, no matter your race, age, gpa or anything.  Check them out and begin with creating profiles for yourself on a couple of these scholarship sites like or  These sites will do the work for you.  They will actually search for scholarships that you would possibly be eligible for.

Furthermore, they keep you updated on new scholarships and the website links.  You will then be responsible for clicking ont he links and checking out the ACTUAL requirements for the scholarship.

SCHOLARSHIP WEBSITES – aid and resources for re-entry students – federal scholarships aid gateways and 25 scholarship gateways – will match your profile against thousands of available scholarships – part of the collegiate network and lists more than 500,000 awards – offers a database with over 2,300 sources of funding – offers free scholarship searches – provides scholarship searches and personalized scholarship application assistance – another free online scholarship search engine – has over 600,000 scholarships with over 8,000 funding sources – will match profile against thousands of scholarships throughout the year – says they are the oldest and largest free scholarship search engines – maintains database of scholarships for Hispanic students – offers free scholarship search, student loans and loan counseling – free online search engine of thousands of scholarships available – another free scholarship search engine – contains both U.S. and Canadian scholarship databases – another substantial free scholarship search engine– keep up with this site so that you turn in your documents on time.  We’ll discuss this at a later time.

Check these scholarships out now

Don’t waste time.

Keith, The Hope Chest