See it? Way up there at the top? Not yet?  Stay with me and I'll take you there.
See it? Way up there at the top? Not yet? Stay with me and I'll take you there.

Most of my posts will ask you to do or think at some point.  Its not hard by any means.  I like it simple.  But, PLEASE take notes, or follow these simple exercises I offer up. If it doesn’t work for you, or you have questions or comments, please respond.  I won’t cry. 🙂

 OBAMACATION…not necessarily what you think that President Obama is trying to reform education. I just thought of it in my car today. Kind of kitchy, yes? (Actually is kitchy even a word?)  If you can answer this, you win!!

To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical on what his speech would entail.  When I heard certain stories about government’s plan to ask students to be involved in their work, and how they can help the President.  I too felt it was a little odd and somewhat overwhelming for the Government to be involved in education on that level. Well things change, and so did the speech apparently.


WHAT DID YOU THINK? Tell me what you thought about Obama’s message.  Did it help you?  Motivate you? Did it do anything for you at all?  I’d like to know because my passion is working with young people and helping to achieve and live these very same principles. I read the speech online and watched on TV at the same time. I have it say I liked it very much. The message brought about my own professional and personal beliefs when it comes to future success for young people. 

But during the course of Obama’s speech, his message rang loud and clear. That you (young people J) need to take the responsibility for your own destiny. YOU have the opportunity to control your own destiny in so many different ways than anyone has ever experienced it before.  To not take advantage of this would be plain dumb.


IT REALLY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: The context of this speech spoke of young people taking responsibility for your own future success. And as Obama mentioned “the responsibility you have for yourself.”

“Every single one of you has something you’re good at. Every single one of you has something to offer. And you have a responsibility to yourself to discover what that is. That’s the opportunity an education can provide.” –Obama, 2009

Yes, I know you want to hang out and have fun. You are young…just a kid right? You deserve it right?  I understand. I spoke with so many young people in my job that, that is #1 priority in many of you. Not all, but many. Well, do that, but understand that you should include in that fun, some work.

With everything fun you do, you should at least try to match it with some work. What I mean by work is this very thing that President Obama discussed as well as taking initiative to really focus on your future and what you want. Then come up with a basic plan on how to get there.

Not only is that you taking responsibility, but your taking ownership, and believe me success will prevail.

IS THERE SOMEONE LIKE THIS? Just look at our President as an example. Or someone else you can think of.  Maybe it is somebody that has overcome something like health, or with a career. Someone that has advanced so quickly for whatever reason? Is there somebody like that in your life? What are those qualities or triggers that you like or admire about this individual?

Is there someone in your life like that? If there isn’t, find that person. Cling to them like flies on poop.

Who is that one individual in your life that you have an admiration for? Who is that someone, (AND WHY)?

It’s important to be your own person and proud of the person you’ve become no matter what. You are already that special someone because your reading this blog entry. If you are reading it, you care.

RECOGNIZE THE CHARACTERISTICS: What are the characteristics of this individual? What is it about this person that you find admirable. If you can pin point the traits, characteristics, behaviors and simply WHY you like this person.  Now, take that and fit it into your person. Does it fit?  Do you feel inspired by an example such as this individual? If so, go for it.

If not, read on, I’m beginning a 4 part series on steps YOU can take to figure this sort of thing out. Namely how to assess your own personality and how to get along with others!

I care, and I love what I do that drives my passion.

But it took me some time to figure this out.

At my age I should be a lot more advanced professionally than I am, but like many out there, I changed my career options 3 times (many times 4-5 is average career change). Also, like many others out there, I still couldn’t figure it out until I took responsibility for one thing: Following a dream I’ve always had…to develop young people in some way. To offer up what I experienced and know as an offering of hope. That is what I got and now its my turn to turn it around.

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My daily hope is that

you too can find so much

in life to fill your own hope chest