CAREERS IN and OUT OF THE BOX- for students

 thinking outside

For many people, this is hard.  Thinking outside the ordinary.  Its easy to stay within the walls of thought that you’ve built over these past years, isn’t it? Of course.  All this time, your used to follow strict regimented sets of rules and policies at home, school and work. Its hard for you to actually and literally think for yourselves because there are others in your lives doing the thinking for you.

The bell rings and you automatically get up to switch to the next classroom, which is pre-designated for you, and you have a short amount of time that you MUST be in that room. You then follow a daily routine of work and lesson plans that a teacher sets for you. When you go too lunch, many of you eat whatever is given, no ifs ands or buts, right? There are specific times and objectives for everything that is already set for you, for four years.

No wonder its hard to think for yourself.

But let’s start.

Clear your mind. Take everything out of your thought process. Homework, the girls, the boys, money, video games, stresses, sports, things your going to do this weekend, etc. Take it all out and completely void your mind as much as you can. This takes some practice, so try it out and practice first.  Its almost a meditation type feeling. If you don’t want to get all into that, that’s fine.  Just keep your mind fresh and clear because this is where you should dedicate some specific time for you to make some of the most important decisions of your life.



The next set of entries will focus on showing and illustrating to you how to choose CAREERS that you will greatly benefit from, financially, professionally and personally. These choices will lead you to a much More fulfilling life. It will also give you more opportunities to be as successful as you want to be. What’s even more cool is that by following the steps I show you over these next few entries, you will be able to make more choices in jobs, once you have found your CAREER.


Before reading on, please answer these following questions:

1. What is my dream job? (be realistic)

2. What are 3 qualities that I have. (if you can’t think of any don’t worry, I’ll help)

3.  If you won $10 million, what job would you still do? (you have to think of something)


Write them down.  Taking notes is so important and will benefit you, trust me. I’ve learned the hard way that when I don’t write something I think is pretty important. Whenever I didn’t, I needed it. It sucked, but whatever.

The next set of entries I’m posting will be a reflection of my true beliefs in how you guys can make the right choices of CAREERS. The kinds that fit your personality, likes and skills.  I’m going to show you how this will happen. The way I’ll show you is telling you what I’ve been through and how I had to go through a few jobs and CAREER choices before finding what really fit me. Because of that, I am more successful in my CAREER than I ever thought I would, as well as knowing that there is HOPE for me to be even more successful, professionally and financially.

1. Think about what you like in life

2. Think about what you are good at

3. Think about the kind of person you are