I was watching TV one day and saw this commercial.  This guy on there said when you have a passion for something, you become an expert.  I’m certainly by no means any expert in this, but I’d like to become one eventually. I do want to share my thoughts and experience. In my current job as a college recruiter, I talk and listen a lot, so here you go…

I was inspired to start this website after having collected a “Hope File” over the past 3 years of working as a college representative for a school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Who would have thought that a person’s gift-of-gab would actually be useful in a career?! Not only did I find a great fit, but I found out that I’ve changed some lives and added incorporation where there wasn’t any for a lot of high school students.

SO, I started this hope file. It’s a basic file folder I have in my cabinet FULL of cards, thanks you’s, certificates, emails, pictures, a rock, a “1st place winner!” plastic metal…you get my drift right? Many of these things I hold dear because there was a changing or inspiring moment that kept me going, even when it got tough.

You hang onto those sentimental examples of a time that was good. Many people cling onto the good times and use that as their motivational factor. That’s okay! Because there was something in that moment that made you feel like you were on top and you felt great in that moment! These items of importance in your own personal and professional life are the stepping stones you use along your own journey.

Think about things that make you feel good. Why do they? What is it about those things, people or times that make you feel this way? Too often people disregard these moments, and yet still wonder why they don’t have energy, drive or motivation.

I had to struggle through so many of the bad and good moments in my life, that I began to believe in my heart that everything happens for a reason. The purpose and objective for my own personal and professional struggles is the very catalyst for my starting this website. For those of you young people that are just beginning, this will guide you to make some choices that will be profoundly significant in your life…whether it be financial, personal, spiritual or professional. Please know one thing, if you’re on this website, you just made the first most important decision of your life! ☺

To all the moms, dads, guardians, counselors and
anyone else investing time helping young people:

Your role is special. No matter your experience, past or beliefs, you HAVE to be there for them in some ways…but not in all.  I’ll explain throughout this site and I will provide you with all the steps I can to help you along this journey. I have encountered various parents at college fairs, in high schools and even at a gas station once who have expressed to me their own concerns for the process in sending their students off to college.