This website will serve anyone looking for a change as well as young people preparing for college. Making choices on careers and colleges is a long journey and a tough one.

Let me help you!   

This site is your hope chest, providing you with the most current and up-to-date information regarding careers, career choices and how to make the right choices and steps to take in approaching the best college for YOU!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! These are the times when you just want to have fun, play video games and sleep. That’s okay. That’s why I’m here to help make it easy and fun for you to choose the journey you’re about to take for the rest of your life.

This is NOT JUST FOR SENIORS!! Just as soon as SENIORITIS sets in, you just don’t have the motivation. I felt that way as well and it affected me negatively. It took me much longer to get a degree than it should have. SIMPLY BECAUSE I DIDN’T TAKE SOME TIME DURING HIGH SCHOOL (JUST A LITTLE) TO DO SOME RESEARCH AND CHECK OUT THE TYPES OF CAREERS AND COLLEGES I’D BE INTERESTED IN.



I’ll provide you with the resources needed to make the right choices for your son or daughter!

Can’t wait to get rid of them?? Gonna miss them like crazy?? Worried like heck about where the money is going to come from? Are son or daughter touting about wanting and expecting to go to those larger universities because their friends are going? In my capacity as a college recruiter, I get dozens of questions at every college fair from parents about the same kinds of things regarding whether they are making the right choice in sending their son or daughters to the right school. Or if the career choices made are the right ones and if son or daughter will get a decent job. I’ll can’t certainly guarantee with this website but I can guarantee that you get the right information for you to make the best choices.

It’s your all-in-one…so to speak!